Why Introverts are Confused most of the Times?

Why Introverts are Confused most of the Times?


Hey Guys How are you? I am sure you all are fine and Doing well in your Life and Making Good Decisions for yourself. But do you know Introverts are very Bad at making Decisions? Introverts often get Confused when they have to make Decision, even a Small one and today we are gonna talk about – Why Introverts are Confused most of the Times? In Detail.

I love talking about My Bad Sides cause it makes me Easy to be Better at something after I Acknowledge that I am bad at Something. And also it makes me Happy and Depresses at the Same Time.

Sometimes I think that I am just out of this World because I can’t connect with Anyone on a Daily Basis. Most of People Don’t understand the Context of what I am saying?

When Someone says me to choose from something from even a Little range of Variety, then my Mind is like – Jenga la Hu – Jenga la hu- Huhu.

So let’s talk about what is the reason behind the Confusion and Why it happens to Introverts?

Why Introverts are Confused most of the Times?

  • Confusion is like a life long trait for Introverts, Introverts are always confused for example – I feel very frustrated when I have to decide to buy Something and even there are only Two Choices to Choose from.
  • Introverts brain works Differently from the Extroverts and other Personality Types which also Includes Ambiverts and INFJs.
  • Introverts mind process the Information very differently from the Normal People. Introversion is not something that you can adapt after trying or whatever, It comes with us from the Birth till the Death it remains with us.
  • Major Difference is How an Introvert’s brain uses the Dopamine? because of An Extrovert’s brain Release Dopamine more often but an Introvert’s brain is stiff. 
  • An Introvert’s brain is always overstimulated most of the Time. and Because of this introverts find it difficult to make a Decision and result in this, Introverts are confused more often.

Typical Introvert Things –

Introverts are the Peoples who really are different from others in all aspects of life, I mean they are also Humans but their Mind and Mental state are Different from normal Peoples.

An Introvert is quiet most of the time and a Kind of Reserved Person who only open up when they can connect with someone on an Emotional Level.

They are not Rude or not shy and not even Anti-Social but cause they don’t talk much to anyone and people think Introverts have Attitude problems. But if possible don’t take them wrong, they are like this from the very beginning.

Why Introverts are Confused most of the Times?
Why Introverts are Confused most of the Times?

These are all I have in My Knowledge Database but don’t worry I will Add some More when I Know More.

And If you are also and Omnivert or Introvert just let me know in the comment section below because then we are going to have the most interesting talk of our Life. Believe me!

That’s the End of – Why Introverts are Confused most of the Times?

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