Why do people think that something is wrong with the person who is quiet most of the time?

Why do people think that something is wrong with the person who is quiet most of the time?


So we are here again because we are the Curious peoples and I am very thankful to you all coming on my blog and read it. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Many Peoples pictures us like this image above but no we are not depressed from our life or No we Are not Rude peoples With Sky High Ego or We have a Bad Attitude Problem. No these are all wrong accusations Peoples make up in their mind.


The most common thing they think is something wrong with us.

But this is all very wrong. There is nothing wrong with us. Even a Sociopath or PSYCHOPATH does not possess these kinds of traits.

First, I want to tell you that I always sense That the person who is with me thinks that there is something wrong with me so they ask me the question they assume that these kinds of things make someone quiet.

(you are reading-why do people think that something is wrong with the person who is quiet most of the time? On Introvert meaning).

Actually, the thing is we need alone time to recharge yeah I know you read and hear this everywhere that every introvert needs their own space but why?

Here It is-Because The best part about being alone is that you really don’t have to answer to anybody.

Because of Lack of small talks skills, we don’t know how to express yourself In a little answer.

For example- if someone asks us how do you feel here with everyone rather than sitting alone on your bed? Then I don’t think any Introvert is able to express themselves in this type of situation and with a Satisfactory answer so rather than talk we find a corner and while presenting their We zone out.

Now you hear about Introverts zone out when they are tired  but do you know how someone can zone out – An introvert’s zone out is the way to lost In their own mind with a very interesting topic or the topic they are passionate about or about what they care while Observing everything at that scene, Hearing and seeing everyone, but having a blast inside their mind.

Sounds interesting huh- but this is a very normal thing for an introvert.

An introvert wants to go to a party and have fun like all others.

An introvert spends most of their time being like very social and cheering extrovert. But There is something that stops them and we Really can’t explain that because That is a feeling.

They are the most Emotional peoples. Full of emotions because there are very rare situations where an introvert shows their Real face.

They don’t want to be quiet but they can’t help it. They struggle for it all of their life.

An introvert is also social and full of confidence when they have to. And all the other time they let it go. They always follow this saying-“There’s zero correlation between being the best talker and having the best ideas.”

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