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Why do INFJ and INFP personality types fall in love so deeply?

Being an INFP or INFJ personality type might be challenging in and of itself, but falling in love as an INFJ or INFP can be downright unbearable. Because the experience of falling in love is not the same for INFJs and INFPs as it is for the majority of the population, and because there is little information available on this subject, most INFJs and INFPs feel strange or crazy when it happens to them.

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When an INFJ or INFP personality type fall in love, we fall fast and hard and crave emotional intimacy, to the point that we feel as if we can barely breathe when near or thinking about the person, which is a great deal. We are drawn to the other person in the same way a giant human-sized magnet draws us into its orbit.

We think about them 24 hours a day, and our thoughts spiral into obsessive cycles in which we painstakingly examine every encounter we have with them. Additionally, we need to learn everything about the individual, and I mean EVERYTHING. Our curiosity and investigative abilities are limitless.

INFJ –People with this personality type are introverted, intuitive, and Judging

Trust Concerns

Now, some of these strong emotions and behaviors can be linked to the fact that most INFJs and INFPs have trust issues. Thus, the more we believe we know about the person we love, the less probable it is that we will be unpleasantly surprised down the road by some concealed aspect of their character. However, that is not all. Another, more profound reason why INFJs and INFPs experience such intense, instantaneous, and frequently unexplained attraction to others.

It all comes down to the fact that INFJs and INFPs are natural healers. Even if we have not yet asserted our authority over our healing abilities, or if we are still embodying the archetype of the wounded healer, each of us possesses extraordinary healing abilities.

Even if we are unaware of it, our mission as healers is a critical component of our life purpose on this earth. As healers, we are acutely aware of others’ wounds. And when we come into contact with someone who is dealing with a wound that is an exact match for the unique design of our skills as healers, we witness the spark of those two powerful energies colliding.

For INFJs and INFPs, this spark frequently emerges as falling in love

However, this does not mean that you must use this dynamic with every love relationship, nor does it mean that it is always one-sided. Often, the healing relationship between an INFJ or INFP and the person they’ve fallen in love with is reciprocal, which means that we heal one another’s scars through our romantic/erotic relationship with the other person.

The trap that I see most INFJs and INFPs fall into is harshly and constantly criticizing themselves for having this experience in the first place. The INFJ or INFP may label themselves as “mad” or a “stalker” from time to time because of the obsessive intensity of their feelings.

Even if they are in a serious relationship with another person, the INFJ or INFP may feel that they have gone off the rails, if only in their imaginations. The essential principle is the same no matter how it is expressed. As a result, the INFJ or INFP who experiences this lacks perspective for what they’re going through because “normal people” don’t fall in love this way. To which they nearly invariably conclude that they are flawed.

INFJ personality type

Nothing could be more erroneous

Indeed, erotic/romantic attraction between the healer and the wounded in a relationship is typical for us. Yes, it can become complicated, and no, most other people will not understand. It’s not simple to traverse, and there are no quick remedies to make it go away or avoid it entirely.

What is, is. It’s another aspect of life that INFJs and INFPs experience differently and much more intensely than the majority of the population.

Master the Self-Judgment Component

Once you’ve mastered the self-judgment component, it becomes simpler to be present with the experience and understand what’s going on between you and the other person. When you come across someone suffering from a wound that perfectly matches your abilities as a healer, you immediately begin working with them on a variety of levels.

Naturally, you’ll interact with them on the level of this concrete world, conversing, laughing, and connecting in real-time, but you’ll also collaborate with them on higher levels. According to your religious beliefs, these higher layers may be referred to as the astral plane, the soul plane, or the subconscious/psychological plane. However, regardless of what you call it or what you’re comfortable with, the fundamental concept remains the same. You are healing the beloved on several levels—not just within your five senses’ reality.

Take Risks if in Love

This final section is equally critical. There is a reason you fell in love with this person; when you consider someone to be your adoration, you are willing to venture into dangerous emotional territory with them. However, you are willing to lower your guard, take risks, and provide them with the unconditional love they require to continue growing.

With INFJ and INFP, falling in love is not a simple process

Falling in love with an INFJ or an INFP is not a simple process, and you will undoubtedly make errors along the road. For example, an INFJ or INFP can’t go through life without becoming codependent on someone, being used, mistreated, or tricked.

These things happen, and as you mature and evolve, you’ll get more adept at shedding those experiences so that you’re not forced to repeat them. The critical point is that you recognize nothing wrong with falling in love with people so quickly and profoundly and having such an intense relationship with them on several levels.

Indeed, this is somewhat typical if you’re an INFJ or an INFP

Allow yourself some leeway and recognize that there are a thousand distinct ways to engage in what we humans refer to as “relationships,” romantic or otherwise. Simply because you fall quickly and heavily does not mean you are faulty. This indicates that you are entirely authentically you and also do not forget that INFJ personality type is the rarest of all: so go, man.

Why does an INFP personality type fall in love so deeply?

There are many ways to fall in love and stay in love. For some, it is one of the essential things in life. For some people, this might be something they don’t want to do, or they might even avoid it. There is no doubt that most

INFPs like being in love, and they want to feel the passion and true romance that happens on screen and in books. When it comes to the INFP they think that the most important milestones in life should be celebrated and celebrated with a sense of enthusiasm and intensity. There are things that people don’t just throw away. Love is one of them.

They fall hard and quickly

INFPs often get the first impression of someone, something in their gut that makes them want to know them better. When they meet someone, they often know right away if they can fall in love with them. Because of this, they don’t like wasting their time when they don’t feel like they have a connection or a spark with someone.

They fall in love quickly because they can tell when someone is unique and when they can genuinely connect with them on a deeper and more accurate level. Unfortunately, these people also fall a lot when they do. When this person they love becomes a part of them, it hurts immensely.

INFPs give everything they have when they fall in love and don’t like to do this half-heartedly. They want to be genuinely moved by these feelings and believe that they should dive in. INFPs don’t want to hold back when they fall in love with someone.

Instead, they want to be surrounded by these feelings. This is how they describe their feelings. Their goal is to let these feelings get so strong that they can’t help but live and breathe them.

If you’re an INFP, you want to experience things passionately. You don’t want to feel like you have to hold yourself back from things that can make you happy.

They put love first

Because when love comes their way, they don’t want other things to get in the way. They also want the person they are in love with to feel the same way. They should value and take this kind of bond and connection with the INFP seriously.

Love for them is significant to them, so they don’t want anything else to seem more important. Not everyone who has a passion for something else is an INFP. They don’t want anything else to get in the way of this particular connection. INFPs believe that these values are essential, and so for them, love should always be the essential thing in their lives.

They care about having things that are their own and feeling like they have control over their lives when they are in a relationship that they like. So there is no reason to stop making sure their partner is essential to them. INFPs are drawn to things that make them feel inspired, and love is one of those things in life for the people who have them.

Do not want to lose their enthusiasm for the game

INFPs don’t want to lose their enthusiasm when it comes to love and dreams. Dreamers and romantics, by nature, want to be able to go for what they want in life, even if it’s hard. This is why INFPs don’t want to settle for anything less than their dreams.

They also want to reach for the things that make their souls happy. This part of them is essential, and they need to stay connected to it.

They should never give up on the dreamer inside. The way they are is that they don’t want to become jaded or cynical when it comes to love. This is part of who they are.

While some people around them might make fun of the INFP for their dreamy traits, they can’t change that. They believe that being true to yourself is essential, and they want to keep their morals and honesty.

They love very much, so they hurt very much

This means that INFPs can get hurt when they love deeply and truly get into their feelings. This is why they can also be hurt. There are times when they fall in love that make them forget about someone else’s flaws. When this happens, the INFP might only see the good in them and see what they could become.

Having this faith in someone else can cause the INFP to break their heart when they fall in love entirely. If the INFP doesn’t retake risks in the future, this can set them back for a while.

Their heart is on their sleeve, which leaves them open to getting hurt. This means that INFPs will get hurt, but this isn’t something they can or should change. In part, this is because they’re so open and honest.

This is why they’re so giving and can make a big difference in the world around them. Getting hurt might be hard for them, but it also makes them love profoundly and meaningfully.

I hope with this post you know all about the love matter of INFP and INFJ personality type. To know more, keep following and reading out posts.

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