What is the Real Meaning of Introvert?

What is the Real Meaning of Introvert?


What is the Real Meaning of Introvert?

So I think if you are Going to Read this i.e What is the Real Meaning of Introvert? then I am Sure you are an Introvert or You have a Friend or a child Who posses the Kind of traits you Just Hear from somewhere or you just read something like that and now you are curious to find out.

What is the Real Meaning of Introvert?

Now Don’t worry you are in the Right place.

What is the Real Meaning of Introvert?
What is the Real Meaning of Introvert?

Let’s begin with telling you that I am an introvert and I started this blog because I suffer from my introversion for a very very long time. I always used to think that something is wrong with me like –

I am not able to enjoy like my other classmates or friends

I am not able to talk to my teachers like my friends did

I want to dance at the party but there is a voice in my head which Repeatedly tells me- what if I do it wrong or what if nobody likes it.

I want to share my feeling but I am afraid what if no one likes what I think or I am wrong about what I think or is it wrong to think that I think at this age.

What if the dress I wear is not suitable for the occasion I am going to attend

What if I laugh at the wrong time or at the wrong thing

What if someone tells me that there is something in between my teeth.

What if I have to do some social talk with my not so close friends And I don’t know much about that topic

What if my body structure is not as good as my friends

What if someone asks me a question and I gave them the wrong answer

What if, what that, what this -these are some questions which Crave my soul every second.

And then I turn 17 and now I have a smartphone because I use to study far away from my home so I got a new smartphone on my 17th Birthday. And my curiosity reaches a new level of addiction. Now two things happen-

The first is now I have basic knowledge about every field

And the second is now I find it more difficult to Interact with Humans in my surroundings

In past when I am 15 I have six Friends, At 16 Still, Have that Six Friends, But at 18 the number goes down to 2 Friends and even I don’t hang out with them much

(Actually When they call I don’t pick up their calls. The Truth is I want to but where I use to study that is a very crowded Place and even seeing that scene full day it drains my energy even if I just seeing and hear them talking and laughing)

What is the Real Meaning of Introvert?

But my curiosity to seek knowledge increases with time and I end up alone. Then I realizes that first there is nothing wrong with me I only use to ask question out of curiosity but now I feel like if I go out in a crowd or in a group where I don’t know anyone I feel drained like I can’t resist as my mind tells me to get up quietly, don’t make eye contact just Look straight and go home wear my comfortable pajama And have an interesting topic to think about.

What is the Real Meaning of Introvert?

And then comes the time I know about the different human traits i.e.




This is the time when I know “what I am, why I feel like this, why I have so many questions in my mind”. (i will tell you in another article why introverts do have so much “why” in their life)

After that, I see myself differently As I matter I feel like I am unique and then I fully accept the fact that I birth like this and also I will die like this

but now I have a different Kind of satisfaction because i get the Most important answer in my life that there is “Nothing Wrong With Me”

If i have to Explain that feeling then think about you are the only one who knows the formula to how to travel at the speed of light so that we can reach farther planets but only you know that – it makes you the most Valued person in the galaxy instantly, from the useless Tag.

And here if you need a Book Definition of Introvert –The definition of an introvert is someone who wants a calm, minimally stimulating environment. Introverts tend to feel tired after gathering in social situations and regain their cool by spending time alone.

What is the Real Meaning of Introvert?

Many peoples think-

Are we shy?

No, we are confident.

we do not talk until we have all the facts about the topic. And we want to remain silent if we don’t know about that topic rather than give the wrong Answer.

What is the Real Meaning of Introvert

We are great Listeners.

We want to listen to a person carefully in case we have to make a statement we process all the information carefully from all the angles and then when we find the Right time we speak and make our statement which is going to help that person.

We are not rude.

Because lack of socializing we don’t know how to handle an exit from any situation.

For example – if we are at a party and we have to go in a middle because we can’t handle that much for a long time so we just go and when a person try to stop us then we just don’t know how to convince that person so we simply says “No” and it makes people think that we are rude. But we are not.

What is the Real Meaning of Introvert?

Why are we so Mysterious?

Actually, we Prefer Deep Emotional conversation. Because of our childhood when we are unable to connect with anyone the emotions that we have never leaves and when we became adults we want our loved ones to feel our emotions that emptiness that comes with us from the childhood but on the same hand we don’t want to disturb anyone or distract them from having a good day by telling our story so we don’t share and that becomes our trademark. That’s why we are mysterious.(this is the most interesting thing i think an introvert have What is the Real Meaning of Introvert?).

So if you feel emotions and not rude then why don’t you understand others feelings?

I think 91% of Introverts are Highly sensitive Persons. We feel every little emotion even we feel a very very very little change in someone’s behavior but we don’t show our emotions publicly because “We feel Vulnerable” if we show our weaknesses to the peoples we don’t know closely. But our very close friends know the real us. So we are Happy about it.

What is the Real Meaning of Introvert?

How we can identify An introvert?

Actually, the thing is you never know if an introvert doesn’t want you to know but that’s the thing we really want you to know that we don’t want to go to a party every night. But we don’t say it on the face because we don’t want to be seen as rude.

What is introvert’s favorite pass time?

Our favorite pass time is to lose in our own mind or as we say Daydreaming.

At last, I just want to say if your loved ones possess these kinds of things and you are really concerned about them just love them with your life give them the time they needed to be with you with their body and soul. And you will have a loyal friend for life, or a loving husband, or a child who respects you with their life.

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What is the Real Meaning of Introvert?



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