What is Agenda 21 started by Illuminati? Is this real?

What is Agenda 21 started by Illuminati? Is this real?


What is Agenda 21 started by Illuminati? Is this real?

So hey what’s up guys and now you are thinking that When is the subject changed from introvert to Illuminati? But don’t worry this is just a series I started where you all are invited to Contribute in any conspiracy theory Topic you like. You just have to Write a Post of about 600-1200 Words and Send it to –                         {introvertmeaning[a]gmail.com}

What is Agenda 21 started by Illuminati? Is this real?

Now let’s start with today’s topic which is- What is Agenda 21 started by Illuminati? Is this real?

So this topic is Posted to us By Sahil Kaushal From India. A very Hearty thanks to Mr.Sahil Kaushal to contribute to our Blog.

What is Agenda 21?-

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I think many of you do hear about this Agenda 21 but don’t know Specifically about it. Agenda 21 is an agenda Supposed to be started by A Secret organization Named as Illuminati. Whose purpose is to Depopulised the Earth in order to save it and Publish The New World Order In case to Save Earth Resources and Earth itself.

  Introvert Meaning.

{A Question For you – is it Wrong to Save Earth By Depopulation?}

Plans to depopulate earth According to Conspiracy theorists-

so there are many theories about how Illuminati are going to depopulate our earth and here are the three main theories which gain Interest of many people worldwide.


The High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program, or HAARP, is a scientific endeavour aimed at studying the properties and behaviour of the ionosphere. But now according to some of the famous conspiracy theorist HAARP is developed to Manipulate the weather conditions in according to make the climate worst for Living.

And by Using HAARP Illuminati is going to Have full control of the earth environment and weather conditions and they are going to use it for depopulation.

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Monsanto and Bayer

Do you ever hear about the name of these two companies in your whole life? if not then you must know that these two companies played a very important role in world war 2. these companies used to make poisonous gas that is used to make the soldiers sick so that they can’t fight.

But nowadays these companies have the  65% market share of the world food supply. The companies which make poisonous gases are shifted to food suppliers on a very bigger scale.

Many conspiracy theorists think that these companies sell Genetically modified food all over the world to Make successful Agenda 21.

what do you guys think about that please let s know in the comments section below?

                        Brainwash Through Media

Many conspiracy theorists tell us that our entire media Industry is following Illuminati. illuminati is using media to brainwash us from the truth ongoing in this world. But there is no proof of these things.

The well-known person Bill gates are also working on some Private project we don’t what is that? but he is always Talking about How we need to reduce the Earth population.

In the end, I would like to add that do you know what is the most important and expensive thing in this world?

That is Information.

You still don’t know about the Whole truth that how Illuminati or any secret society is using this online world for their benefit.

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