What an INFJ Hates - INFJ’s Ups and Downs.

What an INFJ Hates – INFJ’s Ups and Downs.


We all want to know all about INFJ’s and many of us think that we know much about INFJ’s but that’s your Mistake cause a true INFJ does not reveal the Key Information about him/her in any way. Because INFJs know Privacy is the real power in today’s World. So without wasting any more time let’s get to our today’s topic which is – What an INFJ Hates – INFJ’s Ups and Downs.

For the longest time, I thought that I am an Introvert who is more on an Introverted side than on the Extroverted side so Sometimes I wish, someone just Kill me. This is Actually True and I felt this way for the Longest.

But then I came to know that I am not just an Introvert but I am an INFJ. First, it took me some time to understand what an INFJ truly is? But the thing is I relate to almost everything there is to read about an INFJ.

And Finally, I realize that I am something Different from everyone in some way. Not in a Good way cause I don’t want to feel other People’s Emotions when I simply just don’t know them. I kind of gave me a Depressed Feeling every time because I can see the true face of a Person Behind their fake smile.

And that is something I Hate.

But today’s Article is somewhat Relatable to Hate – What an INFJ Hates?

What an INFJ Hates – INFJ’s Ups and Downs.

Here is the list of some of the things An INFJ hates so much-

  • Every INFJ hates Loud and Crowded Spaces.
  • INFJ loves to have its Surroundings clean and Spacious so obviously, an INFJ hates coming Home to a Dirty House.
  • Every Introverted Guy can relate to this – INFJ hates being Misunderstood or not Listened to.
  • Emotional Manipulation and Deception are the Main things from which an INFJ Suffer whole Life.
  • INFJ hates toxic People and conflict situations.
  • When People are unnecessarily rude and uptight.
  • Every Introvert and INFJ hate social gatherings full of Strangers.

Understand INFJ in an Easy Way –

I think INFJ is the only Personality type that uses their thinking and feeling at the same time. So around feelers, they will be too analytical and around thinkers, they will be too sensitive.

It leaves INFJ not fitting in anywhere.

An INFJ Fact-

Some day you will feel sad without knowing why. Like you lost something very precious but just forget what it was, or you will miss someone whom you never met.

The INFJ is as Genuine and warm from Inside as they are looking complex to you from outside. As an INFJ, I sometimes feel that people like me but I just feel it nobody Ever showed me.

Actually, INFJ holds a special place in the Heart of Peoples who they are close to, who are able to see their special gifts and the depth of caring.

INFJs are concerned about people’s love and they are being too gentle to everyone cause they don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

Quiet, Reserved and Serious – INFJ Qualities maybe –

Like every Introvert, INFJ tends to be Quiet, Reserved and serious at the Beginning. If you like to judge peoples by their looks then you probably fail to judge an INFJ. Cause most of the peoples Judge an INFJ wrong even when they know them from near recent times.

INFJs are probably the most difficult peoples in all to judge by a First Impressions. INFJs are the peoples who keep their personal life private so don’t think you know them. You only know what an INFJ want or allow you to know.

People who think INFJs are a very serious kind of peoples have to know that INFJs have a great sense of humor but a Witty sense of Humor. Once you become a part of their inner circle you will get to know warmth, passion, empathy, insight and the witty humor of an INFJ.

A very Big Weakness and Disappointment in An INFJs life are, Getting Attached to someone and when they change just a Little Bit in the tone of their Voce or their behavior, even the slightest change in a person’s behavior make an INFJ get very very Angry on themselves and then consider it their own fault.

A Wise man Said – (INFJ’s Ups and Downs.)

You will continue to suffer if you have an emotional reaction to everything that happens to you or around you or being said to you. The True power is, just to sit back and observe everything that is Happening with Logic.

If someone else’s words control you that means anyone can control you so don’t give them the power of making you suffer.

Remember just Breathe and allow things to Pass because No-one has to know about your Journey until you make it there.

This is all for today.

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Ok, Guys, this is it for Today. Tell me how you like it. I will Publish the Second Part Soon after I see How users Give Response to this.

What an INFJ Hates - INFJ’s Ups and Downs.
What an INFJ Hates – INFJ’s Ups and Downs.

These are all I have in My Knowledge Database but don’t worry I will Add some More when I Know More.

And If you are also and Omnivert or Introvert just let me know in the comment section below because then we are going to have the most interesting talk of our Life. Believe me!

That’s the End of –What an INFJ Hates – INFJ’s Ups and Downs.

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This is Officially the End of what an INFJ Hates – INFJ’s Ups and Downs.

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