The Life of an Introvert Teenager.

The Life of an Introvert Teenager.


You are going to be happy by Hearing that I am a Very Lazy Introvert and sometimes it occurs to me that I am also antisocial. So Let’s start with the Life of a Introvert Teenager.

So I am from INDIA. ya I know it doesn’t matter.

The story starts when I was 14. Till this time I don’t know I am an introvert or whatever. I always used to think that there is something very very wrong with me.

And when I saw my friends I want to be like them. always happy and having fun in this world but I always felt alone even if I am with my parents.

But I can’t tell them because I don’t even know how to describe what is going on with me. so I let it be.

But then the time

came and my school was Over. and that’s the last day I went to School to collect Some certificates and that’s it. Now it’s been 7 years almost and I never went again not even with the purpose of just roaming around.

I kind of afraid I don’t know why but I am afraid. I think that Happened in the Period of 12 Years in this School, kind of Traumatized me.

I don’t feel it but I think my mind knows and I am 90% sure that’s the reason.

So after school was over I have a period of about 3 Months free. And At that Time I got a Feature Phone for My Birthday Gift. Because Obviously I am Grown Now and I have to make some Career Proof choices so my Mom got me a Feature Phone i.e. Nokia 2690.

And the Internet

Becomes my Best Friend for the First time in my life, I have a Best Friend Now. Introverts can easily relate to me.

And Now’s the time for the biggest reveal of my life that what is wrong with me so I Googled my problems and I got my answer that I am a SOCIOPATH. haha at that time I believe that I am a Sociopath.

You are not gonna Believe but I Got me Into Moderate Depression. But I passed my 12 years without knowing what is wrong with me so I recovered very fastly from this Stroke.

But I remain

sad all the time. actually, this is a fact most of the introverts remains sad for no reason at all for the most part of their life. And after a Month I am browsing the Internet Looking for Sociopathic Tendencies In a more accurate way.

Now a New term Introduced to me that is INTROVERT. and this was more relatable.

Finally, I got it after 8 to 9 Hours of research and tests it is Confirmed that I am an Introvert, not some Sociopath.

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The Life of an Introvert Teenager.

And you know

what I do after I know that I am not a sociopath, I go outside At 9:30 In the Night and Have a small Brownie Cake. I was Very Happy to know that I am just an Introvert. wooooooohhh.

Now, this is the phase where I have to accept my introversion so that I can focus on other things and have a good career which leads to a good life.

But As my Age Increases My Introversion starts to Effect me like, Less Human Interaction, Easily Drained In Social Situation and more. So I have to Change my habits because if I won’t be able to blend in with my surroundings then My life is Going in a  Direction where I have to be alone. But In reality, The thought of being alone kind of Gives me Happiness and Relaxation to my Mind.

Peer Pressure –

At this Age where I have to choose my Profession, I take Science and Got a Degree IN Civil Engineering. Actually, I never wanted to be an Engineer but If you are an Introvert you know we have to process the Information and it takes time to make Decision but The Peer Pressure make me Do the thing that I don’t Love. But it’s ok. I got It!

After 3 years, Now I know what my Mind and soul wants and what I want to do. so I started this Blog.

The main reason to Start this Blog is to Tell the world all about Introversion, and how their kids are suffering from it. and you have to give them all your love and support them not Financially but they need you Mentally on a Deeper Level.

To all the Parents out there, if your child remains quiet most of the time and Just live in his/her own world just start talking to Him/her about their Feelings.

  • What do they feel in their mind?
  •  what do they want? 
  • what do they need?
  •  What Bothers them?

And Believe me, they Need you. Even they don’t tell you. and keep in mind if you want them to make the First step then just keep waiting the whole life and one day you realize that when your kid needs you to present their Emotionally, and you were not there you are gonna Regret it.

This teenager phase

teaches me the Most, and I also Learn from it.

You know what I regret now when I look back, that I have no Moments as a child or as a kid, that I remember someday and Smile. No, I have no memories like this. Everything is Dark In my Past.

Which I will tell you in my Next article.

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This is the End Of The Life of an Introvert Teenager.

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