The Best Psychological Thrillers to read if you love Books.

The Best Psychological Thrillers to read if you love Books.


Are you also one of us who loves to read books like it’s the love your life and if you skip a day without reading you feel horrible but also mentally unstable? Please tell me, because I am totally this kind of person. (Ignore it – The Best Psychological Thrillers to read if you love Books.)

In these times of Virus outbreak and most of the countries on lockdown for social distancing, the best way to pass the time is to watch TV shows or By reading books.

I am huge Books reading fan and Nowadays I Spend most of my time browsing for different kinds of books but the Genre I find very interesting is the Psychological thrillers.

Story Time – Based on True Events – 

As you know I run this Blog but on August 2, 2019, I published my Last Article by thinking of never coming back onto this blog or in this field ever again. It’s not that I was tired or something Happened to me but I sometimes go into these Dark Moods, I don’t have the control of.

This shit happened to me after a long time and I went into my dark mindset, where I hate everybody and become almost suicidal. When I am in this situation, I don’t think straight and I don’t show it to anybody because it might scare them all away, So I cover it all up every time. It is not a new thing that just started happening to me, it started a long time ago like when I was 10 or 11 at that time I have my first Episode of Going into Dark Moods.

I didn’t even tell my parents about it. I don’t give anyone any kind of clue that I am suffering and I need help.

But deep inside I want someone to come and Hug me and tell me that everything is going to be okay and care for me. As you know it never happens in real life, here you have to take care of yourself. No one will come for your rescue. 

Here you are the victim and you are the Helper. No one is gonna understands what is going on with you, only you know & only you can overcome this. And sometimes the situation is so complex, that in your head it is all clear but when you have to put it into words you just can’t.

Your family members and your friends will ask you that why are you stressed, why are you depressed, why are you so quiet and it becomes so annoying very soon that you want to push everyone away. 

And I did this Exactly the same but then I was saved by Books. One day I was just sitting watching a documentary on How our scientists detected the First Black Hole ever. I am very keen on this kind of stuff, if not for these kinds of things and mysteries in the universe I probably would have been in a mental asylum by now.

So yeah, I was watching and then the daydreaming begins. I was asking a different kind of question in my mind and I have to find answers. Questions like – How Albert Einstein gave this theory approximately a century ago? All this leads to one thing – I log in to Amazon and ordered my first ever Book by Stephen Hawking’s – Brief Answers to the Big Questions. Ordered!

Believe me, it took them 3 days to deliver this book to me and in that time phrase, I watched like Hundreds of documentaries even on Bees. Finally, the book got delivered to me. I still remember the first thing I read was this was the last Book written Himself by the Great Scientist “Stephen Hawking”.

This book changed Everything in my life, It brings me back from my dark phase to the real world. It changes my thinking, it changed me internally. I realized I was a different person after reading this book, Don’t worry this book is not on Personal Development or on Lifestyle things. But I am an Introvert and the things that gave me a Kick were all there on this book.

After this, I ordered another book by Susan Cain, and then other and one by one now I have a collection of 37 Best books of all time.

But recently A new genre takes my mind away which is known as Psychological Thrillers. And yeah, it is as good as it sounds. So today’s topic is on some of the best psychological thrillers there are.

The Best Psychological Thrillers to read if you love Books.

I am recommending these books because these are tried and tested by me so Don’t worry. I won’t recommend anything that I didn’t try myself. Don’t worry I am not gonna give you any Spoilers. Let’s start!

The Girl Who Lived – Christopher Greyson.

The Best Psychological Thrillers to read if you love Books.
The Best Psychological Thrillers to read if you love Books.

First, on the list, we have The Girl Who Lived Written by the Wall street Best Selling Author Christopher Greyson. This was the first book I read in the Psychological Thrillers Genre. 

Let me tell you some very interesting things about the Author so you can have an idea of what you might expect from this Book. No Spoilers though.

Christopher Greyson is a master of weaving suspense and keeping the reader guessing. You can expect a ton of mystery, action, and suspense with laugh out loud humor and sizzling romance.

Now about the Book – 

Ten years ago, four people were brutally murdered—one girl lived.

No one believes her story. The police think she’s crazy. Her therapist thinks she’s suicidal. Everyone else thinks she’s a dangerous drunk. They’re all right—but did she see the killer?

The Girl who Lived comes with a warning – Once you start reading, you won’t be able to stop. You are gonna become addicted to psychological thrillers after reading this book.

The plot takes turns like fast & furious, very sharp characters with enmeshed mystery is gonna be a gleefully dizzy ride. When you finish reading this book whatever you feel at the moment please share it with me in the comment section below.

The Girl On The Train -Paula Hawkins

The Best Psychological Thrillers to read if you love Books.
The Best Psychological Thrillers to read if you love Books.

The Runaway Sunday Times No.1 Bestseller and thriller of the year, Now a major film starring Emily Blunt.

Really great suspense Novel. Kept me up most of the nights, The alcoholic narrator is dead perfect’ Stephen King.

The main character here is Rachel, who catches the same train every morning. She is even started to feel like she knows the people who live in one of the houses Jess and Jason. I am not gonna bore you. Let me tell you something.

This book is so thrilling and tense and wildly unpredictable it sucked up my entire afternoon. This book is not to be missed if you are a book fan or not. It doesn’t matter.

After reading this book your eyes are gonna shine and there is gonna be a smile of satisfaction on your face. I hope I would see that but I can Imagine. SO let me take you to the next book.

Delirious -Daniel Palmer

The Best Psychological Thrillers to read if you love Books.
The Best Psychological Thrillers to read if you love Books.

Here is a book for sci-fi lovers but with a twist of the psychological thriller. I am not gonna give you any spoilers but I can give you a brief about this book so hang tight.

A cyber Genius questions his own sanity in this chilling read that eas one of the best thriller books of the past decade. Charlie is the main character who is the director of his own successful startup company and everything is going according to plan in his life until his coworker starts dropping dead, and all the evidence is pointing at charlie.

You must read this book, you are gonna love it and you are going to thank me later but don’t forget to share your feeling in the comment section below.

Hurting Distance – Sophie Hannah.

The Best Psychological Thrillers to read if you love Books.
The Best Psychological Thrillers to read if you love Books.

You can say that no one can write thrillers like Sophie Hannah. In this psychological thriller book, Naomi is the main character and when her boyfriend Robert goes missing She becomes concerned.

To make the police search for Robert, Miaomi lies to the police about Robert’s being a Danger to others but her lie spins out in the ways that she never could have imagined.

So Don’t you dare to miss this psychological thriller with a little bit twist of drama in it because Robert is already married.

Before the Fall – Noah Hawley 

The Best Psychological Thrillers to read if you love Books.

Did you ever see a TV show named Fargo? It has two seasons, in the first season, you can see Tom Martin in his oscar-winning Psycho Killer avatar. So if you didn’t watched this series yet then go watch it,

So from the creators of Fargo comes this new york Times bestsellers about the survivors of a plane crash. A down on his luck painter and the 4-year-old son of the prominent families killed. As the investigation unfolds, the stories of those on board indicate that perhaps the crash wasn’t an accident after all.

I wish they include this as a season 3 in the Series Fargo. I am waiting and also written a well-sequenced letter to the production members of the Series Fargo. But I don’t know about that, but you guys don’t miss out on this Book named Before the Fall.

Also, share your feelings in the comment section below. Just pin this site into your bookmarks so don’t have to find me again and again. 

So this is all the collection I have till the date of Psychological thrillers. But I have a bonus book Especially for introverts. 

Quiet – The Power of Introverts By Susan Cain.

The Best Psychological Thrillers to read if you love Books.

This is a book every introvert should read. I read it twice and I am not done with it yet. This book describes the power of quiet in this loudmouthed world. This book will give you knowledge as well as the answers to some of the biggest questions about introverts.

So this was a Bonus book, and I include it here because I am an Introvert and I know the problems an Introvert faces in this extroverted world so that’s why include it here.

Read it and give your views. This was all for today. Thank you.

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End of – The Best Psychological Thrillers to read if you love Books.

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