The Best Days in an Introvert’s Life - Introverted Guy.

The Best Days in an Introvert’s Life – Introverted Guy.


Hey, Guys Welcome Back to My Blog named as Introvert Meaning – The Truth Behind a Quiet Person. So Without Wasting anymore Time Let’s GO Straight to Our Today’s Topic which is – The Best Days in an Introvert’s Life – Introverted Guy.

First of all Very Very thanks to all of you who came to My Blog to read the Posts, I publish about Human Psychology, Philosophy, and The Various Personality Traits Human Being Posses such as –

  • Introverts and their Introversion.
  • Ambiverts and their Differences from Normal Persons.
  • Omnivert – The Different of all.
  • Extroverts – My Dream Personality.
  • INFJs – The Philosophy.
  • Empaths – The Emotional Dudes.

So for the People’s Who doesn’t know me First let me Introduce Myself to you so that we can Easily Connect and for Experiencing the Journey Together.

I am an Introvert –

I am an Introvert and on the Scale of Introvert to Extrovert, i am more on the Introvert Side. So you can feel a Proper and Pure Introvert in me. Don’t worry i am not that Weird.

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Let’s start! So I am an Introvert and i can Easily say that My Life is very Complicated, Even that I don’t have much Realistic Problem like An Average Person Cause I am Just Sitting on My chair and Writing about what I love to talk about for Now.

I am not really a very Shy Person but ya I am kind of Shy but when I need to be Confident in a Situation then there is no one Who can Compete me in that Particular Situation.

Even my Parents think that I am Anti-Social but I don’t Even Open Myself to them Because I don’t want to also make their Life complicated by telling them all this.

I also Suffered from Bipolar Disorder for almost 5 Years and Now i am Somewhat Ok to Go out in Public. For those who don’t know what a Bipolar Disorder is –

Bipolar Disorder-

Bipolar disorder, also known as manic-depressive illness, is a brain disorder that causes unusual shifts in mood, energy, activity levels, and the ability to carry out day-to-day tasks.

If I have to put it in an Easy Way than I would say if you are suffering from Bipolar Disorder you are gonna Experience Rapid Mood Changes, Mood swings that you can’t really Explain to yourself like a Girl PMSing but on a Very Darker and Rapid Scale.

Now i think we are Connected good so Let’s start.

The Best Days in Introvert’s Life – Introverted Guy.

Discussed in Detail Below –

  • My Alone Time.
  • When Meeting with a Good Soul.
  • A Good Book.
  • Daydreaming.
  • Technological Advancements.
  • A Day Alone in Nature.

As an Introvert, I have very less Happy Moments in My Life but they are worth Everything.

My Alone Time –

Believe me, this Term Alone time is Everything for me, It is my favorite Time in a Day if I get some.

There is no one to Judge me for every Little thing. So I don’t have to hold my Emotions inside anymore.

As an Introvert can do whatever I want to do like if I get bored i can eat Icecream without even having to think about Eating it with manners. I just take the whole tub and can eat with my Hands and lick my Fingers.

I live in constant fear of being Judged by Some Stranger like what they think about me, my dressing sense and other things, so when i am alone i don’t have to care if i wear my Boxers right way or not. Or even if i have any clothes on my Body.

When Meeting with a Good Soul –

I don’t like Being Fake to Others and so it’s obvious i don’t even like being fake to others and i can’t tolerate others being fake to me.

I want to tell that My intuition is very strong so I can feel without even talking to a person and believe me I were Right most of the Time.

But when I meet a new person and He/she just coming to me and I just kind of feel that he/she is a good soul. A real person, not a fake one that makes my day.

It is also one of many Reasons Introverts don’t like to be Open with others and talk less. That’s why we are Quiet most of the Time.

A Good Book-

You know I am the Person who knows that I am not able to be like other peoples like I can’t be Social if my Mood is not right for it.

But there are certain things that I like more than anything and give me the true Pleasure of My Introversion. I like Reading Books like other Introverts and the topic does not Matter as long as it gives Pleasure to My Mind.

My Favourites are

  • Space Exploration.
  • The Theory of the Universe – Big Bang theory.
  • Life in Ocean.
  • Technology.
  • Psychology.
  • Philosophy.
  • Home Science.

It’s my Hobby to read Everything that makes me feel Good and also give a Boost to my IQ. I am not very Intelligent. I am just Average, but sometimes I feel like I just don’t know anything.

The more I read, I realized that I just don’t Know Enough.

Our Technological Advancements –

I am a very very Big fan of our Technological Industries but I also Aware of the Disadvantages It brings with every Advancements.

Whenever I read about something new that our Scientist Discovered this or now We are able to do this Random thing which is Important for the Future. I feel very Happy.

When a New Smartphone comes to the market or any other Electronic Item I just want to use it and Feel it cause now Every 3 Hour our Technological Industry is making Huge Improvements.

And I really Love it.

Random Fact –

My Favourite Topic to Read is How can we Terraform Other Planets to make them Habitable for Humanity and other Living Beings.

Daydreaming –

Daydreaming is the Best Part of my life. Whenever I feel like this Situation is not for me then I just Zone out and Enter in my Own World which I created in My Mind.

I love Daydreaming. When I daydream I can do everything in My Own World which I cannot do in the Realistic World.

My Daydreaming World is not Practical but it’s very Beautiful and there I am the king and There I express my Every Emotion that I can’t Express in the Real World.

So Daydreaming is the Best Part in a Day and the Best thing that Happen to me in Life.

A day Alone in Nature –

Remember when I told you that Alone time is the best time of the Day but you know the Best time is Time when I am Alone in Nature.

I feel connected to Nature and I also Care for it from the Bottom of my Heart.

You know From the Beginning to today I planted 197 Trees all over the City. Wherever I saw a Blank Place I just Mark the Location in my Mind and then Later when I have the Time I plant Trees.

I just make me feel Good and Gives me the Inner Peace.

It’s Like Meditation for me. And these are some of the Best time of my Life and I am Pretty Sure Every introvert will Agree to Me on this. Ask Anyone if you know Any.

This is all I can say because Even there are not many Happy Moments in my Life But I try to Enjoy Every Little one of them. And I am trying to Ignore something that makes me feel bad.

But it is not easy to Ignore something, you know Right. But I hope you like this Article of Mine – The Best Days in an Introvert’s Life – Introverted Guy.

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The Best Days in an Introvert’s Life - Introverted Guy.
The Best Days in an Introvert’s Life – Introverted Guy.
These are all I have in My Knowledge Database but don’t worry I will Add some More when I Know More.

And If you are also and Omnivert or Introvert just let me know in the comment section below because then we are going to have the most interesting talk of our Life. Believe me!

That’s the End of – The Best Days in an Introvert’s Life – Introverted Guy.

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This is Officially the End of The Best Days in an Introvert’s Life – Introverted Guy.

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