Proven & Simple tips for growing a Successful Blog

Proven & Simple tips for growing a Successful Blog


Hi Guys, this is again your cute little introvert friend here. Oh, I think I just compliment myself in the very first line of this blog post but I mean I am kinda Cute, at least according to me! (Ignore it – Proven & Simple tips for growing a Successful Blog)

So as you all know that we are all trapped in our homes due to the recent outbreak of Corona Virus also known as COVID-19. 

But many peoples are thinking that it is very easy for introverts to stay at home but they don’t know we only feel at solitude if we are alone like no moment around us, not even the sound of someone breathing.

Introverts know that we are alone only at night when everyone is asleep and we can let our imagination play onto the clouds and no one is gonna come looking for us at that time. So yaa, that’s true solitude for an Introvert.

Okay Guys, Here is a question for all of you – When do you truly feel comfortable or at solitude?

Proven & Simple tips for growing a Successful Blog in a very easy language to understand –

From the past few weeks, I receive many DMs on my social handles asking that How did I get the idea to start a blog writing about introversion and sharing my inner thoughts also? And also asked me to tell them to step by step How did I start from scratch without never even heard the word Blog?

Today, I am gonna answer these questions of yours in a very simple form so that you can understand and implement easily. Let’s Start!!!!!

How did I get the Idea to Start a Blog? 

I was 19 when I first heard the Word Blog and I became curious because the word itself carries its weight in the vocabulary and my mind just went in on it.

I started researching and then I first saw the website of Neil Patel ( where he was providing solutions to some of the complex problems in the blogging world & also writing about his life like How he started all this from scratch and convert it into a Multi-Millionaire dollar Business.

My mind was blown like How can someone just write about themselves and convert it into a business? As an introvert, I became addicted to reading about some of the best success stories and how they changed their life?

So I realized why don’t I start to write about what I feel and some of the complex thoughts in my mind, the complex feeling I have, my daydreaming habits, etc.

So this was the start.

How to Start a Blog?

From here we are officially starting our topic which is – Proven & Simple tips for growing a Successful Blog.

These are some major steps and I am gonna try to make it as simple as I can but you need to concentrate and try not to miss a thing. Let’s Start Introverts! Just Kidding.

Select a Niche –

A Niche is a topic in which you are interested and want to write about it. Like I am an Introvert and I love to write & and define the true meaning of an Introvert. 

Make it your Domain –


A domain is the address of your website or Blog. Like I am writing about Introverts so I bought a Domain Named as and as you can see in the search bar the address of my website is

Where to Buy a Domain –

You can buy a domain anywhere you like but I can suggest some of the cheapest websites such as Godaddy, Bigrock, Hostgator, Hostinger, Bluehost, Siteground, etc. I bought my Domain from Godaddy because Its the cheapest there. You can also compare the prices and then move forward.

Hosting –  

A Hosting is a Storage you buy online to keep your files and your whole website on the internet. On your hosting you storage every file that you create or post on your website. So it is very important to choose a good hosting package. 

Credits – Web Hosting

Where to Buy Hosting –

 You can choose from Bluehost, Hostgator, Hostinger, Siteground, Godaddy, Indian hosting, etc. I bought my first hosting from Hostgator because it was the best option back then.

Hostgator – offers the best packages compares to every other hosting Platform.

Siteground – Offers you the best professional packages.

Hostinger – The fastest of all with a pocket-friendly approach.

Bluehost – gives you the most Benefits and came as preinstalled on WordPress.

Godaddy – The new in Business, so nothing much there but you can try.

Importance of Good Hosting –

 The good your Hosting package is the faster your website is gonna load & the faster your website is the more traffic you are gonna attract to your blog or website. As a beginner, it is very important to choose the right package which fulfills all your needs and also is Pocket friendly.

Which Hosting Packages to Choose as a Beginner – 

In every hosting platform you shall see a beginner package always separated from all of the other packages but Never choose the beginner packages. Always choose the Business package, Always.

WordPress or others – 

WordPress gives the most wonderful experience in all. On every other publisher platform, there is a lot of work going on the backend but in WordPress, you can see the real-time changes you are making on your website. Choose between WordPress or Wix, but if you know coding & Programming choose the one you like.

Now you have everything to start with but first, you have to install the WordPress on your Hosting Package, Ignore if it came preinstalled with the Hosting Package.

Creative work Begins – 

Click on the Add New Post button in WordPress and start writing. But first let me suggest some of the best writing tools because it can be a little difficult for a beginner to write directly in the post editor.

Writing Tools – 

Proven & Simple tips for growing a Successful Blog
Credits – Proven & Simple tips for growing a Successful Blog

Here you can write your post and then just copy and paste it into the WordPress editor.

  1. Calmly Writer
  2. Grammarly
  3. Microsoft office
  4. Wordpad
  5. Google Office

These are some of the best writing tools available in the online world as well as offline. My advice choose Grammarly.

How to write your First Post – 

This is the most important and difficult thing to master. It takes me almost 60 posts just to get the format right. Let’s talk about what should be the format of a Perfect post.

Format of a Post –

Considering a planned format for your posts is the best thing you can do for your blog or website.

  1. Title – Heading 1
  2. Include the title in the first paragraph of your post
  3. Not more than 200 words in a paragraph.
  4. Use Heading 2 for Major Titles
  5. Include at least 3 images in each post
  6. Always compress your Images
  7. At least 1000 words for each post and can go up to 6000.
  8. Include Main Keywords in your Paragraphs Strategically.
  9. Check Grammer Twice, it makes a huge difference.
  10. Check your sentence clarity.
  11. Always include Alt Text for Images.
  12. Now in the last put the tags.
  13. Always include the title in the tags once.

If you follow these steps Upto 50% mark, I can guarantee you that by the time you complete your 20th post your Traffic is going to pay you.

SEO – 

Proven & Simple tips for growing a Successful Blog
Credits – Proven & Simple tips for growing a Successful Blog

 SEO stands for search engine optimization and is the main thing that will help you to start getting traffic on your posts. I can recommend the most useful tool to start with.

  1. Yoast SEO
  2. Google Search Console
  3. Site Kit.

These 3 are the most essential tool you guys should have in the beginning.

SEO can’t be taught and learn in One day. It will take years and years of experience to do it with precision. But a little bit knowledge of SEO is gonna take you years ahead than the one who doesn’t know about it.

Let’s talk about my experience of Introvert Meaning –

When I first started writing about introverts I only know what I feel and some things that I want to say to my family and let my teachers and friends know. I started with this but then soon I realized that if I want to make a successful blog then I have to do some extensive research.

I started researching, started reading articles, started taking notes and inspirations from some of the Introverted Leaders in the world. And then I just write and write and write. But soon Procrastination got to me and I left it all aside and just started ignoring it. And now I am back. So yeah that’s the story.

I hope, I have helped you guys, to understand the process in a simple way. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section below and I will do my best to resolve your issue.

Also if you like this post, share it and subscribe to my Email List so that you can get the latest information always mostly about introverts but I am trying to write about anything and everything.

This is your Introverted Friend,

Signing Off.

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End of – Proven & Simple tips for growing a Successful Blog.

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