Is Introversion a Mental problem?

Is Introversion a Mental problem?


Is Introversion a Mental problem?

Oh my god, it’s too good to see you again here and if you are new you are most welcome. So you want to know that introversion is a Mental problem or not? If you are seeking this answer that eighter you are an introvert or there is someone who Possesses these kinds of traits. But don’t worry Just read this article about “Is Introversion a Mental problem?” and you are on your way with a Satisfactory answer.

First, I want to tell you that I am an introvert.

When I was in 6th standard I feel some kind of shyness but it is not exactly shyness but a difficult scene to interact with humans in my surroundings Even with my friends and with my teachers Who teaches me for at least 12 years.

In those 12 years, I was not able to have a good small talk or frank talk with any of my teacher or any of my friends. Actually, if there was a scale to map introversion of a person then form –1 to 10. I am on 7.5 or that’s what I think.

In my early age, I find it difficult to be a social machine and then I am started Having stress in my life. Because I have so many questions why I am like this, why I am not like everyone, and then at the age of 17 on my birthday I got a Mobile which is able to surf the Internet and then within 6 months my life changes.

When I got a phone I started searching for the symptoms or feeling or moods swings that I have in my daily life and suddenly I got my answer one day.

(you are readingIs Introversion a Mental problem?).

                               “The Introversion”

And Now I know how to explain my Shyness. Why I can’t bear so much human interaction, why it is like my mind is talking to me loudly, why I need my own time, why I connect to nature so much, why I always lost in my own thoughts.

But now I know everything. But I didn’t stop my research and then I get to know That I am not alone there is at least 25% of the population is like me.

Is Introversion a Mental problem?
Is Introversion a Mental problem?

I am not unique but I am a little different and this is not a curse or a mental problem it is like we are wired like this. Now I accept my introversion and I Make peace with it. But first, I suffer with it for like 17.5 years of my life.

Take note of these things that every introvert want to tell you–

a). I am quite but I Have so much to tell you.

 b). I am quiet but I observe and absorb everything.

 c). I am quiet but I have the loudest mind.

 d). I am not Angry with anyone.

 e). I am not rude.

 f). Yes, I am lonely even with the crowd.

g). Yeah, I need some time alone but I don’t hate you.

h). No, I don’t hate a good party but I have some limits and I can’t help myself with that. Sorry for that I hope you understand.

I). Ya I know sometimes I Won’t answer your phone but it doesn’t mean that I don’t like you or I hate you.

J). No, I don’t want to meet new peoples at the party.

K). No silence is not awkward for me.

l). No I am not anti-social or I am not suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or no I am not Depressed, I am just quiet because I am just busy to think about Tachyons. (Particle which supposes to travel faster than light).

M). Yeah, I am fine alone you don’t have to worry it’s just I need some time to process all of my thoughts from that day.

N). No, I am no weird I am just wired this way.

O). And yes I feel emotions but I can’t show them to you because it makes me feel vulnerable. (Actually, we all are very emotional).

These are just 10% things that an introvert want you to understand about them.

Is Introversion a Mental problem?
Is Introversion a Mental problem?

So ya we do not have any mental problems. And we are weird for some people but we kind of like this. (the feeling of talking to your own mind is awesome believe me but sometimes it gets annoying when it gets louder).

So do you get what you are looking for please let me know in the comment section below? Every third day I publish a mind blasting article so subscribe to our email list and a blast.

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