Introverts have the Best Sense of Humour in all - Introvert.

Introverts have the Best Sense of Humour in all – Introvert.


Introverts have the Best Sense of Humour in all – Introvert.  :- An Introvert’s life is very complicated 80% of the Time. Because they are not that much fun to other peoples but for themselves and to their closest friends they are the Best in Everything.

Most of the Peoples thinks that the Introverts are the Most Depressed Persons they have Ever see walking on the Streets, but they only think this because they only Judge us from our Facial Expressions.

Introverts have the Best Sense of Humour in all - Introvert.
Best Jokes Ever.

A person who is an Extrovert never Really understands the Introverts because they are wired this way that don’t understand how someone can not Enjoy a Party.

Extroverts think how can someone Not like to meet new Peoples because Extroverts are like this from the Beginning but Introvert doesn’t even Understand Themselves.

For most of the Time, I thought that I was a Sociopath and just thinking about being a Sociopath Scares the Hell out of me. Because at that Age I were thought That Sociopaths and Psychopaths are the Same things.

I considered myself a Sociopath because in India we don’t have Proper Education about Social Traits a Human Being Possess. I read it in a Book named – “A High Functioning Sociopath” and I didn’t Even Read it Full because I was so Terrified.

How do Introverts have the Best Sense of Humour in all?

The one thing I like about my Introversion is my Sense of Humour, I love my Introversion only if I considered this point otherwise it is not that Good.

When I was a child like an 8th standard child it was very easy for me to Find Humour in the Things that other peoples don’t even look at or think about.

Now, for Example, take this ….

I connect with this MEME so much, I laugh for at least 3- 4 minutes because It just reminds me of all the situation where I actually make it Weirder for me as well as Everyone.

My Mind Excites very Much to the Surroundings because I am a Good observer to my Surroundings and While I am Walking through the Streets on the way to Home sometimes i saw things that are serious for other Peoples but I can’t resist and I Laugh but I just kept all these moments to me.

Cause I know that no one Understands and I don’t want to bother peoples with My Shit. Because they have their Own Shit to take care of so I just Enjoy my moments and I feel happy for a Moment.

I always thought that Why No one Understands me? And then I got my Answer that I just don’t open myself to Others. It means I have to open myself to the People around me so that they can understand me Better.

But the reason is I am Hard to understand is that i reveal very little about myself like this pic below-

When I am in a group of People most probably with my Best friends I am the Guy that can make Anyone Laugh but in the Strangers group I am Weird, Awkward and A Creep.

Introverts mind Process things Differently than others and I can feel it because my Decision-making Skills are Zero. I take too much time to make a Decision but you tell me a joke that is funny and Intelligent at the same time then I am the Laughing Buddha of the moment.

My Favourite Quote with which I relate the Most is –

“Win in Silence and Let them Think you are Loosing” Oh my god this Quote is So Motivating and Relatable to my own LIFE.

I always Laugh at the Jokes or things which are too Intelligent or too Dumb for me, so there is no middle ground. Sometimes when my Freinds Laugh at a Joke they all find it very funny but I am the only One who just Zone out from that Situation.

From the Past 6 years, The Stand Comedy makes its way in Indian COmedy Industry and that is the shows that actually make me laugh because they Focus on Basic daily Things which are really funny from my Perspective.

I am not telling that you have to Intelligent to Understand a joke and laugh at it but at least don’t Expect someone else to also Laugh also because may be or may not be He/she is an Introvert.

Introverts have the Best Sense of Humour in all - Introvert.
Introverts have the Best Sense of Humour in all – Introvert.

I am also not saying that INtroverts are Special or Something, I am only saying that as I observe my Surroundings while walking with my Freinds, family, relatives only I am the one who Laughs. Ya maybe my friends and family are Dumb but Everyone. No that’s not possible.

An Introvert’s Life is Complicated without any Realistic Problem so please Don’t Judge me. My Humour is Just Different and Not everyone can Understand it and Believe me Every introvert Feels the Same Way

That is also one of the Reasons I don’t talk much in the Public cause I know most of the Times they are going to Understand What I am trying to tell them, so i Just keep Quiet and Enjoy My Moments in Solitude.

That’s it! In the End, I just want to say, Please Don’t Judge Introverts for their Behaviour Around you and also if Possible Please don’t Judge me.

Introverts have the Best Sense of Humour in all - Introvert.
Introverts have the Best Sense of Humour in all – Introvert.

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What Introverts feel living in Extroverts World  - Introvert?
What Introverts feel living in Extroverts World – Introvert?

For now, These are all I have in My Knowledge Database but don’t worry I will Add some More when I Know More.

And If you are also and Omnivert or Introvert just let me know in the comment section below because then we are going to have the most interesting talk of our Life. Believe me!

That’s the End of – Introverts have the Best Sense of Humour in all – Introvert.

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