Introverts are like a slow website - The Introvert.

Introverts are like a slow website – The Introvert.


Hey Introverts, What’s Up. I hope you are Doing Fine. So we all being an Introvert have some positive as well as the negative effect on our Life. But being an Introvert is not that Cool because most of my Time as an Introvert is just Overthinking. So Let’s start today with and why – Introverts are like a slow website – The Introvert.

I am an Introvert and I understand each and Every Problem an Introvert face in their Life. And the Main Problem is Not Being able to React to our Emotions or Handle our Emotions. Introverts are bad at Handling their Emotions.

Overthinking is also a very Big Problem in an Introvert’s Life. Cause whenever I have free time It almost goes into Overthinking. Actually, I don’t want to overthink but It starts with one thing and then it Never Ends.

Overthinking also Brings our Negativ emotions, Negative Thoughts, and our Biggest fears to the surface which lies in our Deep subconscious mind.

But we are not Here to Discuss an Introvert’s Problem but we are here to talk about and Elaborate the term – Introverts are like a slow website – The Introvert.

Introverts are like a slow website – Why?

You know the Reason Introvert suffer the most from Social Anxiety then read this carefully, and you also gonna know Why I am telling Introverts are like a Slow Website.

Introverts find it difficult to connect to anyone easily because Introverts don’t open up to anybody just like that. They first know the person and observe them for a moment and if you do something that Hurt even the Minor feeling of an Introvert they are gonna cover the path that reaches to their Heart.

Introverts are like a Slow website cause They Might be the Coolest Site but usually Peoples don’t wait that long for them to fully Open.

This is the thing that I want to tell you Guys.

There are two types of Introverts in the World.

Type 1 –

The first type of Introverts like to be Alone. These do like to be Quiet and also Like Quiet Environments. They Prefer to stay in most of the time cause there is oo much stimulation outside. As an Introvert, I also get tired too quickly when they were Exposed to their Surroundings for too long.

Introverts can be in their room for as long as they want without getting bored. There’s always something going on in their Mind or on their Desk.

This is the First type of Introverts.

Type 2-

They like to be alone. They are not necessarily quiet. And they get easily bored and like to go outside and Explore – on their Own. They like Travelling and trying out new things but more often wear Headphones so that they can keep the Experience to themselves without Interacting with other Peoples.

They don’t mind Stimulation from the outside world as long as they have their Privacy to digest it by themselves


As a shy Introvert and a less social Introvert, My only goal is not to be a Confident Extrovert but to be a Confident Introvert.

Speaking only when I have to say something but with full precision, confidence, and Weight.

I have been always on the outside, watching the world Go by, A lonely observer of life, wanting to fit in without wanting to be becoming someone I am not.

Introvert’s Genuine Problems –

What People think –

when we are Quiet and want to be alone –

  • -depressed
  • -mad
  • -sad
  • -bored
  • -indifferent
  • -shy
  • -arrogant.

Reality –

when we are Quiet and want to be alone –

  • -thinking
  • -listening
  • -observing
  • -daydreaming
  • -plotting
  • -recharging
  • -waiting until you finish speaking.

An Introvert? A Short Answer.

Introverts are the collectors of thoughts, and solitude is where the collection is curated and rearranged to make sense of the present and the future.

An Introvert’s Truth is they dislike being the center of attention. Don’t shine a Spotlight on me without my Prior Consent, Which you are highly unlikely to get.

As an Introvert –

As an Introvert, I crave more meaningful one on one conversation with a like-minded person, over the lazy small talks with the strangers.

When in the large Groups I tend to get Quiet and lost in my own world if I don’t find anything useful for me and my mind in that crowd.

I will shut down when completely if the crowd is too large and loud for me to bear, and I will make exit if I feel overwhelmed.

The truth is I feel more lonely in a large Group than I would just be alone.

Conversations with like-minded people are the most Magical thing Happening to me when I least expect it. There I Open up and invite you to know the real me.

I love – No Disruptions, No Distractions, No Interruptions, Just two People standing together spending their time together sharing little pieces of their hearts with each other. It just Kindles my heart and warms my Soul when I capture your Undivided Attention.

That’s all for today Guys I will see you in my next Article. I hope you like it.

Ok, Guys, this is it for Today. Tell me how you like it. I will Publish the Second Part Soon after I see How users Give Response to this.

Introverts are like a slow website - The Introvert.
Introverts are like a slow website – The Introvert.

These are all I have in My Knowledge Database but don’t worry I will Add some More when I Know More.

And If you are also and Omnivert or Introvert just let me know in the comment section below because then we are going to have the most interesting talk of our Life. Believe me!

That’s the End of –Introverts are like a slow website – The Introvert.

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