Introverts are Evolving in society - By An Introverted Guy.

Introverts are Evolving in society – By An Introverted Guy.


Hey, Guys Welcome back to the Introvert Where we are trying to find out The Truth Behind a Quiet Person. We all are Evolving by Chatting with each other and Sharing Our Problems so if you are not a Part of this Introverted and Weird Family, you just have to comment below in the Comment Section and you will be on your way. So Let’s start with – Introverts are Evolving in society – By An Introverted Guy.

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  • So We all Know that everybody Thinks Introverts are Weird, Awkward and many other things but now when Everybody is Talking about Philosophy, Psychology, Introverts are started Gaining some Attention.
  • But Still, there are Myths and Misconceptions about Introverts that need to be Addressed to the World.

A Quote From the Genius –

Even Nikola Tesla says,  Quiet and Antisocial Behaviour is a Trait of Intelligence in a World Full of Conformists.

Even this – Intelligent Peoples tends to have fewer Friends then an Average person. The Smarter you are the more Selective you Become.

  • Now if Anti-social thing is true about Introverts than I think what Nikola Tesla says is also True. Right!
  • But don’t worry we are not Here to talk about Intelligence or who is better in any Aspect.
  • We are here to Talk about How Introverts are Evolving all around the World and make themselves more sufficient for this world.

How Introverts are Evolving in society?

First of all, take a Note of this –

  • Introverts are Collector of thoughts, and solitude is the Place where all these collections are curated and Rearranged to make sense of the Past, present, and the Future.
  • I am an Introvert and I am Self – Sufficient and spend a lot a Time on my Own and Shut off Quiet Easily. When I communicate I communicate 900 percent then I shut off.

Let’s Also Addressed some of the Introverts Problem First –

  • Wanting to be but not wanting to Go Anywhere.
  • Being lonely at Home but not wanting anyone in your Space unless I just love them.
  • And even if you really Like them, you want them to go Home soon.

Introverts are Evolving in all of the World-

In a Country like India, Education systems are a Bit Complicated. Indian Education does not focus on the Entire Development of a Student but only make them a Parrot Student whose only Aim is to get Their Home-Work Done.

So Due to this Most of the People don’t Even Know about that Human Possess Different Personality Traits. We Don’t Know.

And If we don’t know something How can be Address that to someone.

So Like all, I also don’t know Why I am Like this? Why I am Different from others?

How Internet Helped Introverts?

But the Internet has it all and Then one Fine day I just came to a Topic about INFJs and then I realize that I have so much to know, I need Answers. Then Introvert word was Introduced to me and from that day My life was Completely Changed and I am a Different Person now.

Now I know what I am and Why I am like this and then came to know that there are at least 20% of the world Population is Introverted. I feel Safe.

After some time I started Embracing my Introversion. I Accept it. I am just introverted but people still think that Introverts are weird and Anti-Social. But that is not True.

You know most of the People who are Big Celebrities or World’s Bussiness Tycoons Are Introverts. We can be Anything that any Normal Person can. We are also a Part of this World. And now people started to Accept Introverts like normal People otherwise they thought there is Something Wrong with the Person who is Sitting Quiet and Not going to a Party.

What does World think about a Quiet Person?

They think the Person who is Quiet most of the Time is Depressed or something. but we are just Wired like this. We love Solitude because that Make us Sane again after suffering from the Crowds.

Introverts are the people who can do something Different in their Life cause they know 9 to 5 job is not for them like me, I can’t talk much so I write to Express myself.

Now I am thinking to Start a Video Blog on Youtube in near Future, just make sure to subscribe to my channel whenever it is going Live. I don’t know.

As an Introvert, it’s my Duty to make others Understand How to Treat an Introvert if they Know one in their Friend List or Somewhere else. Many Introverts fake themselves as Extroverts so that they can Fit in.

But not Anymore cause what Kind of Life you live, If you Live in Denial and Faking yourself to Others so that the Society Accepts you.

I can and I will write more on this Topic but for today this is it. This is Enough to take in for today.

Introverts are Evolving in society - By An Introverted Guy.
Introverts are Evolving in society – By An Introverted Guy.
These are all I have in My Knowledge Database but don’t worry I will Add some More when I Know More.

And If you are also and Omnivert or Introvert just let me know in the comment section below because then we are going to have the most interesting talk of our Life. Believe me!

That’s the End of – Introverts are Evolving in society – By An Introverted Guy.

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This is Officially the End of Introverts are Evolving in society – By An Introverted Guy.

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