I am not Worthy of Love – A Life Story of an Introvert.


Hey, Guys, today’s Story is not About me But it is a Story that Every Introvert can Relate to. Every Introvert including me going or already gone through a Phase where we all Feel that I am not Worthy of Love. And today’s Article is also about an Introvert Guy who Shares His story with us and the context of the story is – I am not Worthy of Love – A Life Story of an Introvert.

Let’s Start the Life Story of an Introvert –

Hye My name is Jaden And I am a Resident of New York. My Birth is also New York. I am here from my Birth and went for Studies at the University of Yale, New Haven, Connecticut.

This is my Little Introduction and the main thing is I am a Huge Time Introverted Guy. Only I can tell what my Life was like all these Years. I mean yeah our Schools tells us about introverts and Extroverts but that’s it, nothing more.

Only we have to find out How to deal with our Introversion and make ourselves able to live our Life as we want? In my family, I don’t think there is an introvert but they are Workaholics and Also Like to spend Time in Parties and various kind of Family Occasions.

But I am Different than all of them and I paid a Huge Price for my Introversion. So let’s start it the way we all like.

I am a very Emotional kind of Guy but only I know it and No-one other than me. When I was 11 my Dad had an Affair and my Parents got Divorced after some time but it is not just a Divorce. First, my Father told my Mother that She has to give Him a Divorce but my Mom rejected.

I am not Worthy of Love - A Life Story of an Introvert.
I am not Worthy of Love – A Life Story of an Introvert.

After some time, my Father started Torture my Mind in Psychological Ways. But they forgot that I am also there and their Fights and words made a Huge Impact on that Little Child’s Mind.

That is all with me till today. I started remaining Quiet in school and all. And when my the Torture reached its full Potential they got Divorced and Obviously, I had to live with my Mom but I mean that’s Ok, I also don’t want to go with Dad. Actually, at that time I don’t know what is Right for me. So they asked me and I make my Decision to be with my Mom.

Then we Moved out of New York to Alexandria Bay. That is kind of a Beautiful town but I just started to be in my Own World where I am a kid who has too many Friends and I am Sleeping with my Parents.

I am not Worthy of Love - A Life Story of an Introvert.
I am not Worthy of Love – A Life Story of an Introvert.

But Life Moves on! And High School is over and that’s Good. The Last Day, I did not meet any of Friends. I just Hear the Teachers telling us to do Good in our Life and I got Home. All of my Friends Sharing their Addresses and some are Planning to Go to Further Studies Together but I just can’t take all that. I got home and Eat my Lunch which is Actually the Breakfast.

At that Day, My Mom and Her Friend came to the House and My Mom Introduced me to Him and He told my mom that He is an Adorable kid and now is the Time he needs someone to Support Him the Most.

Actually, at that time, I thought for a Second that If my Mom talked about him anything that he is more than a Friend, I am gonna go Out and kill Myself. I don’t know why but I feel Betrayed. But she didn’t tell anything about Him that He is just a Friend.

And after a Month or Two, I gave an Entrance Test and got Selected in the University of Yale. I was very Upset cause my Mom wants me to go to that Place and continue My Higher Studies There. Actually, I got a Cut of 63% to my College Fees.

That place was not Good at all, the Vibe was great but there were so many People who were just too Friendly for me and all were nice to me. And I was not used to Niceness. My first thinking was o Attack First, Don’t Worry I am also a Person who Overthinks and also thinks that If I can’t take anyone down then I will surely Ge my Revenge like a Psychopath.

I am not Worthy of Love - A Life Story of an Introvert.
I am not Worthy of Love – A Life Story of an Introvert.

And sometimes I feel that Strange Rage Inside me without any Reason, I don’t know I just feel very strong Rage sometimes. Sometimes in my Sleep and sometime during my Morning Bath. The University also had a Program that if you want to work Part Time then you can get that Time by Fixing your Lecture Timings.

So I started working in a Local Newspaper Company for Part Time. But there I see How they treat Peoples when they pay you Money. And I was not Emotionally Ready for that but After Two Days I make something Clear in my Mind.

The First was –

  1. Nobody Knows me Here and know Nothing about me.
  2. I can be Anybody. Nobody knows my Vulnerable Side.

So I kept it in my Mind that I have to Suppress my Emotional Side and have to be a Rude kind of Guy.

Believe me That Works Everywhere! And I started being mean to everyone like I don’t need you, so Don’t talk to me and Go mind you Own Business. In the Starting It Hurts me also. But with time, I was getting better at this.

I was also Doing Good in my Studies but with Time people also started to be Friends with me and then I realize being Some Friends in Life is not that Bad. I started laughing more often and after some time I tore off my Fake Mask and Started being Real with People and these some Years taught me Many Things.

But After 10 Months, I came home to my Mom for the First time and we made a Plan to have Dinner at Burrowsky. I just want to spend some time with my Mom cause I was Happy after a Long time.

That Night there were three People at Burrowsky, Me, My Mom and Her Friend that I Mentioned Above. And I realized in first Look that they were Together. My Mom Didn’t even tell me about it.

It is not that they were moving on Together but I feel Betrayed again. And that Happiness was worn off Instantly. I just finish my Dinner and got out from there and wait for my Mom and then we Go home.

I want to tell mom so many things but I stopped Myself and I was again that Old Jaden who do not know what is going on and also don’t care. Next Morning, She comes to me and Told me that she wants to tell me something but I instantly told her that – Mom whatever it is I am not Emotionally Ready for that so please Don’t bother to tell me. And the Tears just started coming off from my Eyes.

I don’t want to show her my Emotions but I couldn’t control at that time. But ya My Mom she knows that He knows now and He is not ready for it. But in the Evening, My Mom’s Friend comes to me and just told me two things with an Angry accent that –

  • She needs to be Happy you Selfish Rudd.
  • And we are moving in together, doesn’ matter if you are Agree or not.

Exactly after 3 Days, He moves into our House. You know the Worst Part, I thought about it and I decided to tell my Mom that She can live however she wants and she doesn’t have to worry about me. But She doesn’t even ask me about it.

I don’t want to Write after this but actually, It feels good to Write off the things that bother you the most. Try it you will feel good also.

I want to tell you a Fact of my life, Till the Age of 21, I didn’t have a Girlfriend and the Truth is I didn’t even feel Attracted to any Girl.

Age of 21 and I Graduated with Two Degrees from the University with more than Good grades or whatever you call it. I still remember my Last Day at the University, This day is Special cause this time I have Friends. The Friends who were being Real to me all this Time. This time, I said Good Bye to Each One of them. It was a Good Day.

The Best thing Was I already had a Job at that Newspaper Company. At the Age of 21, I was being Promoted to the Journal Manager Post for that Office. I know it is not the Biggest but it is Something. And Actually, I love that Place. I Already have a Place to Live and Money to Eat and Buy Stuff for living. These were the happiest Times.

Two Years and Nothing Interested and then the Year 2009 started and I planned a trip with my Mom and new Dad to Alaska. This Time Everything was Good. I have a Family and lower stress level in Life.

The trip was Fabulous and it’s the Peak Young Age of my Life and something Happens that Changed my life. If you Read, the New York Times then you had known that an XYZ company was Closed due to a Sue Issue by the New York Times.

Within Days I Was Jobless and Everything Strikes back. Stress happens Again, My Introversion was on its Peak. For an Introvert, you all know and felt at the sometimes stage of your Life.

Coffee was the only thing that has the taste and everything was Tasteless. My High School friend recognize me in the Coffeeshop and I steal my Eyes but she was a Psychologist and knows me. She comes and sits and I were like Hye, Sorry Do I Know you? and She was like – Oh you are still like that, Good for you.

Actually, She was actually Beautiful. It was not that, that I like her in the school or SOmething but I can feel someone if they are being real or fake to me in the first look and I felt that she is a Beautiful Soul. We Drank coffee and Nothing much Happens, we just exchanged Numbers and That’s it.

I am not Worthy of Love – A Life Story of an Introvert.

Next Time I called her and told her to Help me! But Her Answer just takes my Breath away. She was like – if you want to be my Patient than we only have to remain to Patient and Doctor. And I just cut the Phone without even said a word.

I started thinking that what if she Just Kidding me and I make it Obvious hat i kind of having Crush on her, After all, she is Psychiatrist. But now I didn’t have the Guts to call her. But a Very Strange thing Happened to me.

I were alone and thinking about her and suddenly a Thought comes into my Mind that – I am not Worthy of Love. That time I just take it Lightly and left it Buried in my Mind.

Two or Three days a Message came in Inbox telling to meet me in the same Coffeeshop. It took me a Minute to understand it and then I got ready and Went to that coffee shop. She was there wearing a very Nice Dress. We Hugged each other lightly and ordered a coffee.

Now the most Difficult Part, I told her to forgive me that I take your joke seriously and Cut the Phone that day without saying Anything. Another Breathtaking moment, she asked me – why do you think that was a Joke? So I told her that you don’t know me and we just met that day so it is impossible that she Like me.

She said that she followed me for a long time and Read all my Published Quotes and Magazines etc. And I was stunned at that time that Someone like me and also she is really a Beautiful soul. And then there is silence for two Minutes but in my Mind,

There was like 10 tabs open and I am continuously thinking but I didn’t’ know what I am thinking and I want to say to her that I don’t think this is not a Good Idea. But what I said to her is – I don’t think I am Worthy of Love.

Believe me, I don’t want to say it but I don’t know How it Happens? and then she Looks up to me and said – Jaden you Really Need Help!

Ok, Guys, this is it for Today. Tell me How you like it. I will Publish the Second Part Soon after I see How users Give Response to this.

I am an Introvert.
I am not Worthy of Love – A Life Story of an Introvert.

These are all I have in My Knowledge Database but don’t worry I will Add some More when I Know More.

And If you are also and Omnivert or Introvert just let me know in the comment section below because then we are going to have the most interesting talk of our Life. Believe me!

That’s the End of – I am not Worthy of Love – A Life Story of an Introvert.

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