How to deal with social Anxiety for Introverts?


If you are Introvert then, we all know that at one point of Our Life we Afraid that there is something wrong with us because we are not Like Any of our friends or Peoples around us.So let’s start with How to deal with social Anxiety for Introverts?

We are somewhat Different than others. This has also its a Bright side but Also Possess some of the Bad sides from which we Introverts Suffer a Lot.

And I know you are gonna Agree with me on this. When we don’t know that we are Introverts, at that time we always think about to become like all of our friends like more social and Have fun but we all know this is all just a Dream for an Introvert.

How to deal with social Anxiety for Introverts?
How to deal with social Anxiety for Introverts?

I Know because I Always Dreamt of Becoming more social and Attention Seeking but as like other Introverts I failed too.

Guys and after a while when we start to know our Introversion there is a slight fear taking Birth inside of us that we have Social Anxiety and we are Antisocial.

But every introvert Knows Inside that we are Super Confident when we think this is the situation where we need to be Confident.

OK So let me Reveal A secret or Two about Introverts-

I as an Introvert, don’t wanna talk in others Matter even if they are very close to me and even if they all Are wrong about the Argument Going on between them and only I know the right answer but I let them do their thing.

I as an Introvert, Don’t Interfere in Any matter that is Not related to me or where I am not Invited. Or even I Sit around and I can Tell them what is right and what is wrong but no. I just don’t want to.

I feel very Bad When Someone is Blindly Trust Over a Guy In their Group who is Giving them the Wrong Facts and Information, I Feel very very Bad, I can’ even tell you how bad I feel about these things.

Now you are thinking why I am telling you all this when this is not related to the topic but this is to Specify that we are not Antisocial Or having any Kind of Social Anxiety.

How to deal with social Anxiety for Introverts?
How to deal with social Anxiety for Introverts?

Let me tell you about a Social Situation where I am at –

So One Sunday I was Invited to a Promotion party of my Good Friend so I have to Go and I make up My mind and I go there.

So there are many Office friends of mine and they are all talking about STARSHOT (those who don’t know about Start shot – this is a Project that is started by NASA and other Agencies to Reach out to Our nearest Star PROXIMA-B).

So they are talking about that and all the facts they have is the wrong AF. But I just Stand there and I Don’t Interfere because I don’t want to Ruin the fun they are having while Having this Conversation so I just Zone out from there.

So Social Anxiety for Introverts are like – they Give Birth to it By themselves because they don’t want to ruin any fun others people are having so we just don’t want to Go out.

Ya Introverts are kind of Hard to UNderstand even my Parents Doesn’t Understand me, but they try very hard and still Trying.

I just want to Remain Mysterious. It’s not that I want to be superior to others but If I opened up it makes me Vulnerable.

Guys Antisocial and Social Anxiety is Nothing if you have Control on your Mind.I also saw MAny cases where An Individual is very Afraid to go out in Nature and then he is Diagnosed as HSP (Highly Sensitive Person).

How to deal with Social Anxiety

  • Force yourself to Go out.
  • Don’t think of Others Judging You.
  • Make Up your Mind to Have Fun.
  • Trying to Start a Conversation which you like.

And Introverts don’t lose your Mysteriousness factor ever. Doesn’t matter how much someone told you to open up. Because I go through it and –

The feeling of Vulnerability is Just Cold.

How to deal with social Anxiety for Introverts?, introvert meaing
How to deal with social Anxiety for Introverts?

Just keep in mind there is No exact Formula which makes you more like an Extrovert or Extravert. It’s just you and the Power of your Mind that make you do anything that seems Impossible and you know it.

Also, Read these to Understand your Introversion as No One do –

Guys here is The Thing just Considered this example, I wrote this Article In About 3 Hours and I am not tired, I don’t feel like I Wasted 3 hours of my life because this is what made me Happy.

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Introvert meaning, about me
How to deal with social Anxiety for Introverts?

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