How most of the Introverts are Creative?

How most of the Introverts are Creative?


OOOhh you are back here or you are new ahh doesn’t matter Just Thanks guys for reading my Blog So let’s start a new journey and I will give you the answers to all of your questions just ask me in the Comments Section below. Now without wasting any more Time Let’s Begin.

So you want to know how most of the introverts are creative. Actually we just know some of the Introverts who are really famous and did something great.

Let’s take an example if 25% of peoples are introverts and we Just know the 100s who are actually Famous. Then how we could tell that most of the introverts are creative? Right.

But what if I tell you that Introverts mind work a little different from extroverts and this is not developed it just comes as a gift. That’s why most of the Introverts are creative mind peoples.

Mmmm But Sahil(me) You don’t tell us how their mind is different and how it works Differently than an introvert, This question just pops up in your mind right. Don’t worry have a little patience.

First, I want to tell you some of the very famous introverts that changed the world with their thoughts.—

 A. Albert Einstein- O ya The first thing comes in our mind after we hear this name is Theory Of relativity Or Special Theory Of Relativity. But the thing you don’t know is Albert Einstein Also helps in Making the first Nuclear B0*b and he Regret’s this his whole life.

Depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Bipolar complex all get heavy on his life after the nuclear Invention And he Remains that way his whole life. But he just used to say“The monotony and solitude of a quiet life stimulate the creative mind.”

B. Rosa Parks- You can search on the internet About her. Even in India, I am A big Fan of her.

Everyone says-she was ‘timid and shy’ but had ‘the courage of a lion.’ They were full of phrases like ‘radical humility’ and ‘quiet fortitude.’

C. Bill Gates- I rather Snapped at an Introvert Just Because To Make him/her Take more time to recharge so the result I get is Just AAO-(Amazing, Awesome, Out of the world)

D. Steven Spielberg-Director and producer Steven Spielberg has admitted as much and says he would prefer to spend time getting lost into movies.

E.  Sir Issac Newton-Isaac Newton was known to be “a deeply introverted character and fiercely protective of his privacy.”

G.Mark Zuckerberg-“is shy and introverted and he often does not seem very warm to people who don’t know him, but he is warm.”

Now Just think what is Common In all of them. And there is at least a Generation Gap between them. Ok, I think you know the right Answer –

(You are reading—How most of the Introverts are Creative?)


                                           THEIR QUIET NATURE.

                                           THEIR OBSERVABLE NATURE

                                           THEIR QUALITY TO COLLECT ALL THE FACTS.

                                           THEIR ABILITY TO UNDERSTAND TALKING WORLD

                                           THEIR QUALITY TO LISTEN QUIETLY

                                          THEIR ABILITY TO LOST IN THOR OWN MIND

                                          THEIR ABILITY TO PUT THEMSELVES IN OTHERS                                                        SHOES AND FEEL THEIR EMOTIONS VERY EASILY AND QUIET AS SAME AS THAT PERSON FEELS.

These Are The Some Things That Makes An Introvert Different From Others. (but if tried anyone can develop these qualities in themselves.)

Their mind is no different at First. But these things force their mind to produce new neurons now these nuerons help them think a little differently and with the help of these qualities they form an idea that is very different for today’s world and the idea that we don’t hear or see before is one of it’s kind so that is obviously creative.

That’s it.

You know A Introverted person never thinks that they are superior or intelligent than others. 99% of Introvert Person Don’t have any Ego Problems Or Bad Attitude Problem. They are Actually very Warm And Kind And full of different kind of Emotions. If I have to tell you that what I miss most in most of my life is that

           “I Love People but It takes me too much Time to Trust People.”

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