Everyone's Dream tools while starting a Blog or Website.

Everyone’s Dream tools while starting a Blog or Website.


Guys, you can say that it is my fantasy post, and I wanted to write it for a long long time but stuff happens and you can’t at the time. But I am here now writing my Dream Post. So let’s not waste any more time and get straight into it. (Ignore it – Everyone’s Dream tools while starting a Blog or Website.)

The Main Machine

When I started my blog, I started it with a 4 Years old Laptop Machine from Hp which was also a touch screen Laptop but to that point it has given up all of what it got in the previous 4 years.

That time I didn’t understand the importance of a good machine to do my work. A new processor makes things easy every time you install an upgraded version of the software.

I am a big-time tech geek and I think it also affects my choices, but the budget problems make everything simpler.

Internet Connectivity 

At that time I didn’t have the wifi router setup at home because of some Indian Budget issue (you probably won’t get it but you can say I was pretty Broke). So I was using my Samsung S7 Edge as a Wifi Hotspot.

Which is good for the short-run but in the long run it started creating problems. Even I have to change my smartphone because of the Connectivity issues. 

Writing Experience 

When I started I had no experience in writing, which means I never even thought about it for a second that I am gonna write for a living. It was a very very new concept for me.

I am the kind of person who doesn’t even make sense of what is going in my head. And I was gonna write to solve other people’s problems. So It was a very Horrifying experience at first. But then after 2 years, I am 0.1% better than I was before. Still, a long way to Go.

Plus I had a disadvantage of language. I am from India and English is not my primary language it’s Hindi and before this, I never spoke in English and didn’t write much in English too. Still my hand is pretty tight in English.


Grammar plays an important role in writing, it doesn’t matter in which language you are writing. If your grammar isn’t up to the mark you may well be pronouncing food to feet. That’s the truth.

And at that time I didn’t have any tool at my disposal or if it was available I didn’t know about it back then. I always checked my grammar using Google translate. By putting text in English and then converting it into Hindi so I can read if it is making any sense or not.

So yeah the experience was not that good, you can say that it was terrible.

Eyeglasses or Contact lenses

You may not know the need for a good pair of eyeglasses which can save your eyes from the Blue light of your computer screen. This Blue light hurt your eyes in a very bad way. We can’t feel it but it is there. So for the long run and to keep our eyes healthy, one needs to have a good pair of Eyeglasses.

So if you are just starting or want to take blogging for the long run just get your self a good pair.

Importance of Good Web Hosting

It is the mistake I think most of the bloggers make in the beginning, And as did I. In the beginning I was thinking about saving money so I grab a Hosting which is good for a beginner but if we are gonna talk for real no Beginner plan is good for anybody.

A bad Hosting plan is gonna hurt your website very bad and you can’t do anything about it unless you have more money to upgrade to a better plan.

The website’s speed is the major reason for the website’s not getting recognition in Google. So think about it and don’t worry I am gonna tell everything that to do just keep reading.

Not Enough Knowledge on How things work

I know its not a tool that we can just buy. We have to invest time to make our blog successful. Because Blogging may be Sound a Little Bit Bland but when it comes to it, it is one of the most complex things in the online world.

Books you can buy, various courses you can buy but no one is gonna tell you when and how to implement things at the right time with the right technique.

Don’t worry I am working on a free course which is specifically designed to tell you when and How to implement things the right way. It is gonna take some time but I will let you know, when it is ready.

Now let’s get straight to counterpart where I am gonna tell you what is my Dream tools and you can also use to make everything better.

Everyone’s Dream tools while starting a Blog or Website

I am a big tech geek but I am just a student and Don’t have the budget to buy anything premium that I like but one day I want to be able to buy whatever I like. For that I have to be successful and to be successful I have to GRIND. If you are guys give me your support then nothing is Impossible.

So let me share the List of Dream tools I want to Buy and I think Everyone wants them.

Apple Macbook Pro

Did you see the latest design of the Apple Macbook pro 16 inches? When they changed the chassis of Apple Macbook pro in 2018 I got a big Crush on this Spectacular Machine. 

It has the latest i9 processor with 1TB SSD storage. I am loving it!

This machine is a boss in processing and doing things like writing, coding, programming, Development, and video editing, etc. All the perfect reason for me to buy this Machine. It’s Retina display, it’s battery life are some of the best things in the world.

So yeah, whenever I have that kind of money I will buy this Machine first. It’s like 4000 dollars in India. Wish me the best of luck.

The Best Hosting Package 

The most important in blogging is to have a great Hosting Package. It all depends on your Hosting to keep up your and never let it down, it also has to be the fastest server so that in case of website speed, no one can put you down.

Speed is also the most important factor in increasing your ranking on google. According to a survey by googling an average user only wait for 7.2 seconds before goes to another web site.

Everyone's Dream tools while starting a Blog or Website.
Everyone’s Dream tools while starting a Blog or Website.

So your Hosting server should keep you at that time loop. It creates a huge difference. Also, the control panel where all of your databases are stored on the server should be easy to use.

I would recommend you go for Hostinger or Siteground. Siteground has the fastest server and will load your site in no time. It may be a little bit expensive from others but it is all worth it.


As a blogger, I can tell you that grammar is the most important part of writing an article. Wrong grammar and your articles are not gonna make any sense.

And there are many tools present to help the bloggers but when I started I didn’t know about them and didn’t even know the importance of grammar. But now I do and that’s why I use Grammarly.

Everyone's Dream tools while starting a Blog or Website.
Everyone’s Dream tools while starting a Blog or Website.

I only use the free version because the paid version is about 30$ for a month and I am too broke for that also. So yeah, if you have money then you can buy a premium version otherwise the free version will also do the work for you.


Many of you will just make fun of it but the real bloggers know the difference it makes. A good pair of eyeglasses keep your eyes Healthy because blogging is not just a short term thing. 

If you are looking for a career option in blogging then you have to GRIND full time here. And this is important. Many researchers say that the blue light that screens emit is very harmful to our eyes.

Everyone's Dream tools while starting a Blog or Website.
Everyone’s Dream tools while starting a Blog or Website.

I use Lenskart because it’s cheaper than others and trusted for the best quality.

I ordered mine recently so you can also purchase it from lenskart.com. Don’t worry I am not adding affiliate links here. You can trust me. I am saying it from experience.

A Good Playlist 

Don’t you dare forget the value and power of a great playlist? Music is the thing that will keep you going throughout the dark time of Blogging.

Blogging is not an easy thing, yes anyone can write but the consistency an persistence that blogging demands are the two of the hardest things to do and keep maintained.

You will feel things that you never felt before but music will save you. At least that’s what it did to me. And music is healthy too, if you will listen to the right genre of music then it will keep you focussed and gonna let you concentrate even more.

The music which is without any words is the best to listen for concentration. As an example you know the music they use in games, listen to that kind of music. And you will be good.

Internet Connectivity

I am sure you all have a good option of internet connection but in case if you haven’t just like me then solve this problem before this becomes a pandemic on your head.

It is not just limited to good internet connection or a good wifi router but the Wifi Bands that come built-in into the device also makes a huge difference.

Like the wifi bands are the best only in Apple products, no product can compete with the wifi bands of Apple products. So yeah, this is also a thing. Keep this in mind and spend your money wisely.

Slow internet is very annoying, keep that in mind.

How to be Perfect at Blogging?

Believe me, if there were a shortcut hidden somewhere I would have found it by now because I am a very lazy person and the method of the “first try and then find out if this is working or not” is not my area. I am the guy who always wants to take a shortcut because I have very little patience also.

If you want to have the full knowledge about blogging, what it consists and how to do some basic things then here is a course for you. it might cost something but believe me, it is worth it.

But blogging is teaching me some real discipline. And patience is the key to be successful in this field. So there is no way to instantly perfect at this, you have to try harder and harder every time and push harder yourself.

I am saying this because there will be no one available for you all the time, you have to GRIND alone. Think smarter and then without any doubt go for it. But First, plan the thing and then go for it from all your Heart and Mind.

Bonus Tip –

If you have a Macbook Air or Macbook Pro or even an iMac, try to build an ecosystem of the Brand. It will make many things easy for example if you just want to paste something from your iPhone to your MacBook it is damn easy but if you try to do it from an android, it may take forever.

These are some of the tools I think everyone’s dreams of because I do. It also improves your state of mind. Did you know the saying that – your mood depends on what you wear? The same applies here too. Think about it.

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End of – Everyone’s Dream tools while starting a Blog or Website.

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