Effects of Introversion On An Introvert’s Life.

Effects of Introversion On An Introvert’s Life.


So guys if you are Reading this Article then it only means two things that if you think you are an Introvert and want to know About Introversion and Understand it and The 2nd is you know an Introvert like your friend is an Introvert or someone you know. So without wasting any more time let’s Begin with – Effects of Introversion On An Introvert’s Life.

Effects of Introversion On An Introvert’s Life.
Effects of Introversion On An Introvert’s Life.

Two Types of Effect of Introversion on An Introvert’s Life.

  1. Positive.
  2. Negative.

Let’s Discuss Positive First-

                                   Let’s make it Practical, not Scientific.

  1. Everybody Wants you as their Best Friend.
  2. You are the one with the most Accurate Knowledge about any Thing In your Group.
  3. Anonymous skills, even if you don’t know but you feel them.
  4. Most Purest Heart, most of the time.
  5. You look aggressive but you are very kind and you know it, ask yourself.
  6. You are a Kind of Shy but it makes you More Attractive In your group.
  7. Most Confident Person In the Room, but you just want to show anyone.
  8. You are a Geek, a Nerd but not in a Particular field.
  9. Your Mind craves Knowledge and it makes you Somewhat More Intelligent than others around you.
  10. Technology is Life.
  11. As an Introvert, you know Most of the Things but you don’t show anyone and it Controls your Ego to grow on you and also makes you a better person.
  12. You know your Surroundings because you are more observable than any other person.
  13. You love Nature cause it makes your Mind go Silent. (just feel it).
  14. You have a gift – so that you Easily Find out If anyone is being Fake to you (Even if you are meeting that person for the First Time).
  15. You listen to Everyone and that makes you the most reliable and trustworthy Person for your friends or anyone who knows you.
  16. Books are the Best Friend but in my case, it is Nature. (it’s like it knows me – just feel it ).
  17. You are the most Emotional Person but No one Knows it. Because you never show them. (is it relatable).
  18. You trust your Mind and that keeps you Going Right most of the Time.
  19. You keep Improving because your mind tells you to, and it makes you better and better with Time.
  20. Daydreaming makes you Happy and keeps you Ongoing.

I Think these are the Most practical and Positive sides of Introversion for an Introvert. If it is Relatable to you and you find it Nice just Share this Article and left your Comment below with #IamIntrovert.

Effects of Introversion On An Introvert’s Life.
Effects of Introversion On An Introvert’s Life.

Let’s Discuss Negative Effects-

  1. Introversion is Tiresome.
  2. Your mind is Very Loud.
  3. Continuous talk is very irritating, frustrating and everything that ends with – ing.
  4. Small talks are like Aliens because we don’t know how to Handle it.
  5. Sometimes having friends makes our life feels like hell.
  6. We are unable to show our Emotions.
  7. Decision making is very Difficult for Introverts.
  8. We don’t know how to answer fast because we are busy finding relevant words for the answer.
  9. Happiness is like Rain in Sahara Dessert comes only for a day in a while.
  10. We are not able to Enjoy Social Gatherings or Family Functions, I tried to But Every time I just Zone out.
  11. Shopping is just not for Introverts. We suck at Shopping.
  12. Love is just for food until we find someone who is just. (you know what I mean).
  13. “Having Fun” This Quote is not for Us.
Effects of Introversion On An Introvert’s Life.
Effects of Introversion On An Introvert’s Life.

These are some of The Negative Effect of Introversion on an Introvert’s Life. I tried to cover as many as possible and Make them relatable as much as Possible.

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