Do all the Introverts are Technology Addicts?

Do all the Introverts are Technology Addicts?


I always get this question from my Friends and even from my Family Members that are you a tech. addict or is there a thing like a tech. addicts then its most probably that you are a tech. addict. And there is always a Question in my Mind that Does all the Introverts are Technology Addicts?

And now I got very frustrated from listening to all this nonsense and Bullshit. (Mom – Language, haha get it.)

I will tell you why all of my friends and my family members told me this crap. Actually, there is no story behind this but all are facts.

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My Seventh Standard-

when I was in my seventh Standard there is a New feature mobile Launched from Nokia named as Nokia 2690. And at that time I have a little Obsession with new Technology.

I use to read Tech based Magazines and for this, I even Got Grounded one Time because I stole a Magazine on which there is a News for The First iPhone Launch from Apple which Supports 3G Network.

I got mad after reading that Magazine and that costs around 67cents In American Currency. So My Parents found out and they Grounded me For like Three Days.

I stayed at home and I only think about the Upcoming iPhone. Actually, at that time, I don’t understand the concept that much but the Name iPhone gets me Excited.

This was Just the Begining.

First Android Poster-

Oh and that Android Goodie Poster that I bought For 12Rupees. I just got more Obsessive for New Technology Development. And from that time I just Happen to be a Geek. And I use to tell my friends Everything about New tech. that got released in the market.

Do all the Introverts are Technology Addicts?
Do all the Introverts are Technology Addicts?

Now when anyone has any kind of problem in their device or In any Technical case they just call me and ask me. this is a totally different thing that I Don’t pick up their Calls 9 times out of 10.

So this is the Reason, I got Listed as  Tech Addict.

Now Get back To – Do all the Introverts are Tech. Addicts?

Actually, there is Nothing like tech. addicts in this world but are the Praiser of New Technological Developments. They are also known as Geeks.

The thing is Introverts spends most of their time in their Head and they need something that gives them kick as well as Provide them Latest Knowledge and keeps them Updated.

That’s why most of the Introverts are a tech. geeks. And I love being a tech. geek. It actually gives my mind what it needs and it is also very Interesting and Exciting especially for Introverts.

If you are an Introvert and you Agree with me just let me know in the comment section below because then we are gonna have the best chat of both of our Lives.

And If you are also and Omnivert or Introvert just let me know in the comment section below because then we are going to have the most interesting talk of our Life. Believe me!

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This is the End of – Do all the Introverts are Technology Addicts

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