Do all introverts have thinking like a Philosopher?

Do all introverts have thinking like a Philosopher?


So here we are with another Topic and yeah this is my favorite time when I write and publish an Article I feel connected and I feel an emotion Which I never feel from anything else. And thanks to you all To read my Blog “IntroverT meaning-The Truth Behind a Quiet Person.” so Without wasting Any more time lets begin with the topic that is Do all introverts have thinking like a Philosopher?

Actually, if you Read my previous blogs then you notice that I use to tell that there is always a what if or why in the mind of an introvert. But are these little questions makes an introvert a kind of Philosopher?

Nah Not just these but there are more to it and I think you are gonna find it pretty interesting cause I find it interesting and everyone finds it interesting –oh my  God that’s a loop“. Just Kidding Don’t worry.

(you are reading-Do all introverts have thinking like a Philosopher?)

But first read this-An introvert will often compare old and new experiences when making a decision, which slows the processing down but leads to carefully thought-out decisions. This means that introverts have a very active mind that allows themselves to keep walking with a ton load of content within their mind.

The things that kind of make an Introvert think like a Philosopher-

a). Ya, I Know you hear or read it too many times that introverts spend time alone and but what they do in their alone time is unique. Either spend it On Netflix or 90% of the time they just spend it lost in their own mind it’s like Introverts mind is wired for it. They always trying to connect dots from random things that happened to them or they hear it from others but they dig very deep into it.

b). An introvert talk very less but they listen. They Observe very deeply all the facts related to anything that gives them kick. While in a large Group at a social gathering They speak less but they listen carefully or pretend like they are listening very very carefully and because of that they know that what is in trend in their friend’s life.

                                                                                 But in every case, they listen carefully and absorb all the information in the parrel verse or in retrospect they keep thinking about that. Now if you are thinking about something all the time as deep as an introvert do you will surely find a new angle to that perception on that matter.

                                                                                Then later you will explain that to your friends and they will start talking about you as a philosopher saying you think too much much but differently even when you did not even speak on that matter in their previous get together.

C). Introverts have the tendency to take the feel out of anything and everything. It’s like they have that kind of imagination to put themselves in the feet of someone who facing or face out that situation.

Hence whenever Your Introvert Friend explains out anything, you will feel like “how much do you think!!”

Oh my god, it is so difficult to find the words which explain out Everything easily.

So How do you like this Article please let me know in the comments section below. I am Always very excited to know your thoughts on the topics I post on this blog Named as Introvert Meaning- The Truth Behind A Quiet Person

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