Avengers Endgame - My thoughts as an Introvert.

Avengers Endgame – My thoughts as an Introvert.


Note – I didn’t add any Images below because I don’t wanna be the one Giving the Spoilers. Live Endgame Moments Yourself. Enjoy – Avengers Endgame – My thoughts as an Introvert.

  • Hye, so I am an Introvert and I am An introvert who is more on  Introversion side means I just don’t like Human Interaction, not a little bit but I am very comfortable around the people I know.

  • And From the previous 4 years, Something Gives me Satisfaction every time I watch it or read the theories about it like it Satisfies my mind and my Introversion.

  • Yes, all these MCU movies or you can also say Every Sci-fi or Superhero Movie Satisfies the need of my Mind.

  • So in this Article, we are going to talk about a Masterpiece recently released by Marvel – Avengers Endgame.

  • I am a fan of all the superheroes movies doesn’t matter DC or MCU. I just need a kick to give my Mind what it craves for all the time and Superheroes movies give me that kick.

  • But Marvel Put Every bit of their Hard work in 11 years to make MCU’s Avengers Endgame. And you know what it is really a Combination of Beautifully Integrated Emotions, Humour, Action, Drama, World class VFX and CGI and Direction.

  • If you are an Introvert or if you know an Introvert then you may know that the most important part of an Introvert’s life are Emotions.

  • Because Introverts are not very good at showing their Emotions to anyone doesn’t matter if the person is close to them or not. We are just f**ked up minded peoples who just don’t know what is going on with them their whole life.

  • Believe me, if there is a cure for Introversion I will fight everyone to take it first. And every Other Introvert will do the same, Mostly because of their loud Mind.

  • But let’s get back to Avengers Endgame – I watched every movie marvel produced till now in MCU, Especially from Thor Ragnarok this all got Interesting and now it’s got Ended like Phase 1 only.

  • So When Endgame started I just sitting in the top row and in the centre, the thing is I watched the Endgame in 3D4DX – IMAX and I regret that because I just can’t enjoy that Emotional Connection because it’s just too fancy for my mind to handle and fully focus on the movie.

  • But I just get up from my seat in the first 20 Min and then I get myself out of the Theatre and I book another ticket and this time I Book the Movie Ticket in 2D and the Experience I get on The screen is Amazing and far better than the 4DX at least for me.

  • And Now my mind was like shut up don’t think anything else and just concentrate on the movie but My Mind was Constantly speaking at that time and At that Particular Moment I Regret Being an Introvert the most.

  • But with the movie ongoing my mind also got quiet and now there is constant laughter in the theatre and after the black widow Scene, The SHIT just got real for me.

  • I am pretty sure it does for Everyone but the connection I feel and There is an outburst of my Emotions – I just can’t explain that Feeling and Goosebumps. Ya I know there is No scene in the movie besides this scene where – Captain America Stands alone and all the Thanos army coming to him that scene man – oh my god that is the real scene where I feel the Goosebumps starting from sligthly upper from my thighs and coming towards my Mind.

  • And then the final Battle and That Doctor Strange Moment where he Shows Iron man His Finger(not middle finger) and Iron man Just quietly Understands in his mind what that is. At this scene, I just felt a Sad Rush going inside me like that is shutting down my Entire Body System.

  • Last scene when Iron man Just Do his Thing my Mind just Cried. I always use word Mind because I never feel my Heart doing the thing but I feel Everything in My mind i.e Happiness, sadness and all other emotions.

  • You Know In this Universe which we also Called Observable Universe which is like 13.7 Billion light Years from one end to the other – Avengers Endgame got the Best Ending In all of the Movies History.

  • I am also a fan of Marvel but After this movie I Didn,t wait for the Post credit scene, it’s like I know that this is the End.

  • My best scene During this Entire movie is Where all of the Superheroes in the MCU  came together and entering the Battlefield with Doctor strange Portal or whatever that is. I felt so much Happiness like never before.

  • In the End, this Movie is Something that can never be Forgotten like I can’t forget the Experience I experienced During this Movie.

Avengers Endgame – My thoughts as an Introvert.

Avengers Endgame - My thoughts as an Introvert.
Avengers Endgame – My thoughts as an Introvert.

These are Some of My Moments from -Avengers Endgame – My thoughts as an Introvert.

You also share your Best scene from the Avengers Endgame. Let me know your favourite scene from Avengers Endgame. #nospoilers

And If you are also and Omnivert or Introvert just let me know in the comment section below because then we are going to have the most interesting talk of our Life. Believe me!

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Avengers Endgame – My thoughts as an Introvert.

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