An Introvert Thinking About Big Bang Theory? Must Read!


An Introvert Thinking About Big Bang Theory? Must Read!

I know that you know that I know That You know about What is Big Bang Theory.

But what really an introvert thinks about Big Bang Theory doesn’t change the fact but you must know that what type of questions an Introvert want to ask about big bang from the experts.

I always want to ask these questions but there is no one who could answer my questions and clear all of my doubts about Big Bang Theory.

The Big bang Theory Is a theory which defines the birth of the universe with a 9% Accuracy and suggested by every expert in this field.

this field of space exploration Always excites me to a new level and with it, there is always a question of the existence of God In this universe or in any universe.

And if the Big bang theory Proves to be true in any future time Then The existence of god is just a Fairy tale.

So first let’s discuss what is Big bang theory in detail and then I will tell you all of my doubts about it.

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Big Bang theory:-

So it is all started about 13.7 billion years ago I mean Our existence base comes into existence about 13.7 billion years ago.

An Introvert Thinking About Big Bang Theory? Must Read!

It is used to believe that there is a Very Big bang but at a scale of an Atom and from that Blast Our Universe formed and then all the galaxies that we know about are formed through that blast.

But our earth is not 13.7 Billion years old. It is just 4.3 billion Years old and Also This is the Age of our Solar system.

Because Of this Big Bang We are What we are or comes into Existence. If we Have to compare our age with the universe Time we just come into existence just for a whole second in our Time clock.

Mostly all of the scientists believe that if we have to find an alien species in our universe that we have to find a planet with Water in its a liquid state.

Also, the planets which have The water in its liquid state are known to exist in Their solar system Goldilocks Zone.

Goldilocks zone:-

An Introvert Thinking About Big Bang Theory? Must Read!

In a solar system, astronomers believe a planet must be in the habitable zone to have life. The circumstellar habitable zone is an area around a star where a planet would be able to have liquid water.

Some facts:-

For Information sake- The Telescope which is used to see in the Darker Universe Or to reveal the Farther Galaxies In our Observable universe is Names as Hubble Space Telescope.

For information sake- Our Nearest galaxy is Andromeda Galaxy. Our galaxy name is Milky way Galaxy.

For information sake- Our nearest solar system is Alpha Centauri.

Please let me know in the Comments Section below that How do You like these Facts.

From An Introvert Eyes:-

Now i think you know Enough bout Big Bang Theory  Or about the Origin Of the Universe.

But now just Look what i am thinking about this whole big bang theory of origin of universe. that it is all just a Conspiracy theory.

That we all are used to just Give our mind and soul some satisfaction that we find out the birth formula of the universe but we did not.

We just Think this because the farthest Light we see by our Hubble space Telescope is about 13.7 billion Light years from earth so we just Believe that this universe comes into existence About 13.7 Billion years Ago.

So how’s it. let me know in the comment section below:-

{You are reading- An Introvert Thinking About Big Bang Theory? Must Read!}

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