3 Legit Confessions of an Introvert.

3 Legit Confessions of an Introvert.


Introverts are some of the most Reserved peoples and don’t open to others easily. But there are some things Introverts want everyone to know about them so Let’s start with 3 Legit Confessions of an Introvert.

I am an Introvert-

  • As an Introvert, I crave a meaningful one – on – one conversation with a like-minded person.
  • When in large groups, I tend to get Quiet, and often I’ll get lost in the shuffle. I will shut down completely if the crowd is too large and Loud. I will make an Early exit as soon as I feel Overwhelmed.
  • The truth is, I feel more Lonely in a large Group than I would just be alone.
  • Ah, but those conversations, where I know your opinions your secrets your positives, your negatives, ups and downs are the most interested one and I Will do that for Eternity.
  • It kindles my Heart and Warms my souls when I captured your undivided attention.
  • NO, distractions, no interruptions. Just two people spending their time sharing little pieces of their hearts and Minds.
  • That, my friend, is a beautiful thing.
3 Legit Confessions of an Introvert.
3 Legit Confessions of an Introvert.

You are So Quiet – Everyone-

  • I refuse to gossip which I feel like constitutes 70% of Human Conversations.
  • Silence is beautiful.
  • Small talks bore me quickly and Stimulate the hell out of my Mind.
  • I am not just going to talk for the sake of talking.
  • Even if I am quiet I still feel as if I am more open and friendly than Most. Social Barriers means nothing to me.
  • I am Involved in my Inner world more so than the External one.
3 Legit Confessions of an Introvert.
3 Legit Confessions of an Introvert.

My Genuine Problem as an Introvert –

  • Feeling like you are annoying the person you want to talk to most, so you don’t bother them. But then I worry that they think I don’t like them because you don’t talk to them.
  • I hate when people ask me Why are you so quiet? Because I am and that’s how I Function.
  • I don’t ask others why are you so Noisy? Why do you talk so much? It’s Rude. Right!
  • I don’t like to talk on the Phone. if I talk to you on Phone it means you are special to me or you are an Emergency Service.
  • As An Introvert, I am awkward. I don’ know how to have a conversation. People probably think I am Rude. Believe me, I try very hard to have a conversation but I just can’t.
3 Legit Confessions of an Introvert.
3 Legit Confessions of an Introvert.

For now, These are all I have in My Knowledge Database but don’t worry I will Add some More when I Know More.

And If you are also and Omnivert or Introvert just let me know in the comment section below because then we are going to have the most interesting talk of our Life. Believe me!

That’s the End of – 3 Legit Confessions of an Introvert.

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